Thursday, May 28, 2015

What A Wordy Wordless Wednesday...

Well, this is supposed to be Wordless/Mewless Wednesday...but there is lots of mews and words to miaow about.

Today, I, Minko went to the Vet. A new one. But I was still scared and made the towel in my carrier all wet...good thing meowmy had a spare with her, MOL!
OMC, what a tall dude he was...but friendly and amicable. I didn't hiss him, and he didn't say if I tried to give him a bitey...cause he poked and prodded me and then he had his vampire helpers stael some drops of my purrecious life fluid.
He even checked my blood pressure! OMC. It was normal he said. Good fur me!
A few hours later , meowmy got the labwork results. All normal, OMC! Vet-man said I scored an A!
But he still could see that I was not being a regular silly meezer like I am supposed to be, and my furs are not shiny, nor do I weigh furry much...though...its a wee bit more than when I saw the lady vet back in November.

His thoughts about Me, Minko are that its not pancreatitis as my main trouble, (though that could be secondary), but Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Oh-oh.  (Based on age, fur condition, weight loss, lethargy, anorexia, vomiting, and diarrhea.)
So I got a shot of steroids, some B12, and pills of predisolone to take starting in a few days.
And call them in a week to let them know how I am doing...or sooner if necessary.

Meowmy seemed happier with this vet-man, he listened and chatted and did not try to make meowmy feel like she didn't know anything, even if she is not a vet. He did not tell her it was bad to feed me by spoon, like the other lady-vet had don...sheesh. If meowmy didn't purrsist at making sure I eat, I would not be here to tell you my mews on this Wordless Wednesday.
Its a huge practice with 9 DVM's and seemingly a gazillion ancillary staff of techs and other helpers.

And while I had sung lots of arias (meezer ballads are quite soulful...),and other songs of sad purrsuasions, I was silent all the way home. MOL!

I so far have not upchucked, and no stinky tootsies either, which is what happens when I have the runs...
Vet-man didn't make any purrticular suggestion for a purrscription noms, but he said, just to feed me a good quality noms.
Does anyone have any suggestions about canned noms (pate only is what I will eat), that would have limited ingredients and no junk?

Any other suggestions like fur supplements, etc?

Well, Pipo did not hiss me when I returned, we had a mutual grooming session instead, to get the fureign stinks off of me, MOL!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Angelic Thoughts On Tuesday

Today is a bittersweet day in our furmily.
Two birthdays...but they are of two of our angel furblings, Simba and Toki.

Simba was the second kitty in this furmily,and the furst kitten fur meowmy, MOL! She had lots to learn!
Groucho, who was an elderly kitty by then, took him under his paw and taught him all kinds of things...the good the bad and the silly.

When Simba went to live in Kitty Heaven, Toki came here...though we already by then had Suki, MOL! So there were two kittens and Groucho. He accepted them both and taught them like any grandfather would do...and when he had enough of their antics he went to take a nap,MOL!

Strange things about those kitties:
Simba and Toki both had the same birthday, though they came from diffurent furmiles and years. Groucho shared his birthday with Suki..and those kitties both shared their day with our unfurbro the elder.

(We of course both have the same Gotcha day, and our birthdays are only a few days apart...and Pipo shares his day with our Grandmeowmy.)

What uncanny connections we all have to the heart strings of our Meowmy!

Manytoes and his furmily (From Catster) made Simba and Toki some birthday card/pictures.
Thanks so much!

Simba ~ Thank Mew Manytoes!

Toki ~ Thank Mew Manytoes!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Selfies On Memorial Day Weekend

We have some oldies-selfies today, to help rmemeber the fact that it is Memorial Day weekend. A day of remembering the fact that freedom as we know it came and comes at a price...that of  lives.
Thank you service peeps for all the sacrifices you made and are making on behalf of the country you serve...meowmy's 'adopted country' now, she has lived here for almost 28 years.

This was made from this original.which shows more detail...

Here are the selfies we had made of ourselves for this Sunday Blog Hop:

On another note...
Minko seemed rather worse with his issues, so we made him an appointment with a diffurent vet.
He will be going there on Wed, May 27th. We sure hope that we can find out what is troubling Minko so he can be helped to feel better.

Here is a Chicken selfie for the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop host: (Sorry we had to do it, MOL, MOL!!)

This Sunday Blog Hop of Selfies is hosted by The Cat On My Head

Monday, May 18, 2015

Victoria Day Sunday Selfies

We are here on Victoria Day, which is a join up with the Sunday Selfies Blog Hop...OMC, We are late.

These are old images recycled to help meowmy be less stressed and well, you know, she didn't have time to help us push camera buttons afur she went to work on Sunday...sigh...usual lame excuses, right?

Sunday Selfie Blog Hop Hosted By: The Cat On my Head

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Winning Words On Wordless Wednesday!

Yup, Winning words. Dog-guy had whining woofs, but we have winning words, MOL!

Pipo is happy to report that fur now at least there will not be another doggy here...meowmy took dog-guy fur a 'match-up' and it did not work out on the art of the doggy who dog-guy hoped to have fur a new brofur...Minko might have enjoyed another furry canine, but Pipo? Nope, not Pipo, he would smacky-whap that new comer to who knows where, MOL!

We think as far as us kitties go, that is a win, OMC!

On the other paw, Minko also is claiming a win! A real win!

He entered Nellie's weekly blog contest about finishing the sentence, and he won!
So Nellie who is a talented artist, made this 'cartoon' image depicting what Minko said.
Minko sneaks through the doggy door to get outside to nibble/gobble grass. Last he did that he was surprised by pouring rain...but when he looked up the sun was peeking through as well, so there was also a rainbow. Are not those pretty and wonderfur!?!

Thank Mew Nellie, fur this weekly contest, it is a lot of fun!

                                                            This is Nellie's Blog.

This is how, I,  Minko finished the sentence Nellie posted:

I looked up at the sky, and saw big dark clouds…and plops of rain came out of them…but at the same time, I looked up at the sky, and lo, the sun was shining at the same time, so a lovely rainbow shone through.

Well, enough of mews and such, afterall it is supposed to be wordless Wednesday, MOL!!


Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day Sunday Selfies ~ 2015

Wow, It's Mother's Day! And meowmy is off from work, Yippee!
Wait, that means she will stick a camera near us so we will be obliged to make selfies...well, since we love you Meowmy we will cooperate...sort of, MOL!
We will start her off with some recycled images:

Those are some relics from the past, MOL!
This next one is too...

We cooperated today while meowmy got out her selfie making camera fur us to use:

Happy Mother's Day!!

Happy Mother's Day!!

Oh, and some doubly lovingly made ones, too!

We love you meowmy! Thanks so much fur being *ours*!!

This is a Mother's Day 2015 Blog Hop, Hosted by The Cat On My Head