Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Sunday Selfies On Tuesday??? OMC, And Now Its MardiGras!

Wow, meowmy is too bogged down which means we were blogged down too...sigh...
We are all fine, meowmy included, but she just had lots of not kitty things going on. Not doggy things either, MOL!!
So furnally we are allowed to come by and post our bloggy hoppy...and you know maybe its not so bad we are late, cause now its Fat Tuesday!! AKA Mardi Gras. (and there were no pancakes here either, the peeps no longer indulge in that type of fare...they avoid grains mostly hence no pancakes, and its too much work to make the grainfree kind meowmy says, MOL!! They had salad, burgers (sans buns), and berries...not too shabby! Meowmy doesn't care too much fur the southern kind of cooking either, though if pawppy were not on this weightloss/maintenance program he would love it, MOL!

Meowmy herself doens't pawticipate in this revelry, but its kind of fun if you do:) You know, beads, dancing and suchlike...
Years ago when we were a lot younger she made some pictures one sunny now we can actually use them fur selfies!! MOL! We will let the goodtimes roll (back), OMC! How silly we are, tee-hee!

Minko continues his eating routine, 7 1/2  to 9 ounces of his wet noms by spoon each day, and medicines too...
Pipo eats like a piggy, he gets rations too, but its grain free low glycemic kibbles...and if he gobbles it up before the next feeding time...well, he will just have to miaow in vain...meowmy purrtends not to hear it, MOL!! Pipo would rather just play when he mrouws at her right now, he is playing wand toy...its stuck in her buttonhole, and it jiggles a bit while she types fur he jumps and paws at it, sometimes he snags it, and tries to pull it away!
Sometimes Minko joins in this game, mostly he sleeps...he likes mousies way better!

The other day when meowmy came home way too late from her work...almost 2 hours later than usual...there was a lovely festival of barf awaiting her a barf, there a barf evfurrywhere a barf...UGH, what a mess:(
We won't tell who was guilty, we might blame dog-guy...sometimes he eats so fast he chucks up there and that is our final word on the barfies...which have not happened since that night. Hooray.

Well, onward we go to the roll-backed good times selfies!
Furgive our lateness, OK??


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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Happy Birthday To Buddy Budd ~ Belated Happy Gotcha Day To Mr Buttons ~ And Sunday Selfies At The Desk

Happy Birthday to YOU, Buddy Budd!!

Belated Happy Gotcha Day to YOU, Mr Buttons!!

Our good furends from Timmy Tomcat's furmily had some good times catabrating spawsial we asked meowmy to make some cards fur the honored kitties.
There is a pawrty going on right now, so you can go visit them  HERE and have some fun if you need a break from your normal routine...there is pawlenty of good noms and some superb nip as well:))


Well, its also Sunday! Wow its already the last day of January, OMC!! How time does fly. We are in a big thaw, and all the snowpiles are melting away...the grass is all green again, OMC...but its raining and dreary along with the milder temps. So...we took our selfies at the desk with meowmy...that is to say, Minko was on meowmy's lap, but Pipo was leery of the usual, even though no flash is used around here...he just likes his purrvacy. So he decided to stay in the little nests that are in the desk...and after a bit, Minko was checking them out too, but then it was chase time and no more selfies got taken. MOL!

Meowmy, I need to come and sit on your lap fur a selfie. I can't seem to focus too well up here...

Ahhh, good scritches make fur a good selfie!

Meowmy, I think I will just repose here, the selfie timer can do the work...

Yup, the timer did a great job, even so I don't want to be looking at the lens...

Minko! Are you going to join me in our bunk beds??

Pipo, no way, I just wondered if the nip was still aromatic lets go play chase!

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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Close-Up Sunday Selfies

We are up close today as we hop along with you all:)
 We set our timer and then we hunkered down to await the 'click'!


We have had only a dusting of snow, but...OMC! The poor furs and their peeps who live where that blizzard called Jonah is walloping about and lashing out with all its snowy fury. Yikes!

We hope evfurry one there will be safe and stay warm as they hunker down to wait it out.

Pawppy has furmily and furends in that area...we will try to call them to check on them.

We had to hunker down ourselves on Friday.
Early in the morning, there was stomping of feet that we did not recognize on our back steps...that can only mean trouble in our we ran off and hid.

They made lots of noise in the kitchen md even more in the bathroom.OMC!
They stole the kitchen faucet...really?? But now there is another one there, Phew, we can still get water:) And its quieter in there, too...the old tap was dripping and a few times it even dared to spray water in the faces of meowmy & pawppy, MOL!! One night meowmy heard a crack, and then she had to really work hard to get the tap shut off...a ring had broken...sheesh...good riddance then.
They hope this new one will serve them fur many water filled years:)

Then meowmy and pawppy had to scramble and take evfurrything out of the pantry.OMC! What a way to have to do the so called spring was forced upon them:) That is the only way those intruders could get at the pipes and stuff that serve the water to the bathroom...oh the joys of living in an old (1907), farm house...sigh...
Those dudes put their dirty boots all over the bathroom floor, and even left prints inside the tub, wow. They had to take apart the faucet in the was dripping and dripping and making our water pump work way too often. So now the electric bill should improve. We don't have a water bill, cause we have a well, out here in these rural parts.
Then...and its a good thing we have litter boxes, they stole the toilet...took it right out of our den and said it was going to the toilet graveyard...sheesh, after all those years of good service? It was stamped inside with 1948 as the time of its birth...should it not have gone to a toilet museum instead?? Pawppy said no way was he going to put it in the garden as a planter, MOL!!
That old monster toilet was running so much that it was going to run away right out the den said meowmy one day. so now there is a new potty in there! Sparkling and white:) And it flushes with a big whoosh, and then there is silence! OMC!! No more runaway potties, MOL!!

OK, now Meowmy has to go to work, so we hope you all have a wunderfur  Sunday!
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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sunday Selfies ~ How We Love Them!!

We are watching the snow machine starting up yet again...we had several inches, then it rained and a lot was gone, but just when meowmy got up it was starting to snow again, and we heard we could get 6 we will quickly take these selfies we love to do and go and nap all day long to stay warm and cozy...while the pawrents clean up outside...

Nothing much else to report around mews is good mews!!
Maybe when we get bored with napping we can a-mews ourselves with some good nip and mousies!

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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Remembering Toki

Thanks Rory

Jan 11th is the day that our furbling Angel Toki graduated to the realm of angel kitties. He was such a character, meowmy still thinks of him a lot and misses him. He was a one kitty inspection committee, a fetch kitty, and he loved evfurryone. He groomed pawppy's furs on his head, and meowmy's too got inspected after she had been to the hairdresser, MOL! He even greeted strangers!
He loved the dog-guy from the moment he came into our den, and realized that that teeny critter was he climbed right into his nest...and was often seen on top of the dog guy, MOL! Like a purrsonal heating pad:)

Its so good to have purrcious memories of our fur babies, to cherish forever after they have to leave us....its is hard to say good bye, but the memories do not go away, nope they are there to take out and enjoy any time!

Rory from Catster made meowmy a nice memento, the picture of Toki is from when he was quite young.

Toki was a lover of food...he got to be over 20 pounds, far too large for a was the cause of his eventual demise at the tender age of seven.  He got his name from when pawppy furst set eyes on him...oh my he said look Tom Kitten! So that was shortened to Toki,taking the first two letters of each of the other names. MOL! It suited him:)

Here are some other pictures of Toki...they are scanned images so not the bes quality...meowmy did not have a digital camera during the 'Toki Era'!

With the puppy known as dog-guy...aka MJF

I see something...and boy was I getting fat...

When I was still a wee kitten

In a silly mood!

Minko wants to let you know that he has been seen munching on Pipo's kibbles a few times. OMC!! This is good mews indeed! But its still not enough to sustain him. so meowmy is still feeding the wet noms three time a day. Plus at any rate he would still need help to give him his medicines three times each day...oh well, at least we are on the right track!


Sunday, January 10, 2016

A Rare Occurence For Sunday Selfies

Here we are: A Trio!!
Yup, all three of us furs are in today's Sunday selfie, OMC!!
As you can see, Pipo is keeping a watchfur eye on that dog-guy, and Minko is so relaxed he is hardly paying attention, MOL!
It is really rare that meowmy is able to get all of us in one picture, let alone to have us do selfies! But we felt it fitting to oblige her, at least once in a while...tee-hee!
Sorry about the bad lighting, it was a dank and dreary day...and we are waiting for snow and maybe ice...ugh.
Who invited *you*???

Hey, are you posing or being a photobomber??

You had better behave you dog-guy, you...
Growlmy are those two supposed to be here?

Minko! Don't you think we need to shoo that dog-guy out of here?

Oh, yikes, now he's getting up...that means trouble!

Sure, look sweet and all, who you trying to fool dog-guy?

Dog-guy: I do not feel too welcome here...

OK, I am leaving, does that make you happy, kitties?

Bye-bye dog-guy!
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Sunday, January 3, 2016

A New Year Of Selfies Is Starting!

It was cleanup time around our den, it sure looks bare now. All the Christmas things are put away until the next time.
We had some nice sunbeams too, ahhh so good on our furs!

And we are now staring another year of Sunday Selfies!
Thanks, Kitties Blue, for hosting this each week! Its so much fun!

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