Sunday, October 4, 2015


Minko is letting Pipo know that its another 'Two-fur Selfie Sunday', MOL!

It was good to have some nice warn sunshine to bask in, but it does mess with exposure...
The sun *was* out when we took these selfies, but now its dull, dank and dreary...jut a good day to do nothing...good thing, because meowmy has to go to her work.
We will soon jump up on Pawppy to help him have a good nap...Zzzzzzzzz.......

Meowmy is trying to wean Minko from alternate days of steroids to every third day. Hope it will be OK for him.

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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Oct Two Is An Impawrtant Day

And our meowmy was too busy to help us mew anything to you about it...oh well, we'll do it toady, MOL!

Yesterday our Unfurbro-the-elder got to be a quarter century of age, wow that makes being 25 sound really ancient. MOL! We didn't get to see him though, but meowmy says so far he doesn't look a day older...the pawrents went out to greet him and fete him with purrsents and wine and a dinner, too. They had a yummy meal together, but no kitty/doggy bag came home with them to share the plunder or yumminess...

And believe it or not, meowmy and pawppy didn't even take any pictures of the birthday boy, let alone the noms. Sheesh.

And it was also an impawrtant day in other ways.

Befur Unfurbro-the-elder was born our peeps had Groucho. His birthday was Oct 2!! So Unfurbro-the-elder sure picked a good day to arrive! MOL!!

Manytoes from Catster sent him a birthday card that she helped her catretary to make:

After our Angel Simba left the earth to be an angel, (Angel Groucho had a brofur who though much younger sadly preceeded him to the RB at the age of seven.), meowmy was looking to get another meezer to be a furend fur the now lonely Groucho. She discovered Suki. And drove herself into the wilds of our county (getting lost, it was befur the days of GPS, MOL!), to Gotcha her...and the lady said her birthday was Oct 2!! Imagine that!
So of course this little Suki had to come to our furmily too!
She sadly left to join Simba at the RB when she was 11. She had a seizure disorder, kidney issues and other troubles due to getting older.
But we had a happier day of remembering her along with Groucho yesterday...

Manytoes also commissioned her catretary to make her a card:

Thanks Manytoes!

See you all hopefully on Selfie Sunday! (Meowmy is working this weekend...)

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday Selfies A-La-Two-Furs

Yup, we are doubled in our selfies today, since our hostess blog was featuring them too, MOL!!
We just happened to be in a 'together' mood just long enough!

Caught in contemplation...

Hi, Meowmy!! We are good kitties, yes we are!! MOL!

Meowmy was about to go to the we didn't want to look into the selfie taker...the redness of her Canadian Flag is tinting the whole image...sigh...Ha-Ha!! This is a Three-Fur, MOL!

Minko is stable and seems happy enough, even to the point that he is initiating his own playtime with crinkle balls, mousies and begging for nip deliveries...but he still will not eat. What an enigma he is. The other day, Meowmy came home from work and was petting him...and she felt him playing with her nametag...suddenly she realized that he wasn't only playing with it, he was trying to bite through the elastic string that holds the tag to the clip...sheesh, he really is obsessed with those kind of things...we need to Minko-proof evfurry thing!!

Pipo is getting furry demanding to the point that even pawppy sometimes says, Pipo, not now!! MOL!
He paws our legs, and mrouws at us until we play with him, mostly he wants the wand toy...he already chewed the  feathers off of it, MOL!! He attacks it, and if we let him he will drag it right into the next room...until he realizes it doesn't move or dance anymore cause he removed it from the 'live end'. MOL!! Does he bring it back?? Nope. He just goes back and mrouws at his peeps again, MOL!!

We are trying to give meowmy a bit of a we may blog only once a week, likely here in the Sunday Selfies...but we will still try to visit all the other blogs we follow, maybe commenting on them...if we can convince meowmy to type our mews to you.

Oh, and if you can try to watch the lunar eclipse we can't, too many clouds...shucks.

Have a wonderfur Sunday, be most blessed and enjoy a new week!

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sunday Selfies In The Lamplight

We asked meowmy to take our selfies last night...she got home from her work so late...we made them in the lamplight...

Minko is on Meowmy's lap...pawlease ignore the PJ's, MOL!!
Pipo's bite the feather's selfe
Minko & Dog-guy Begging for attention...or more, MOL!
Pipo's Relaxed Selfie
As usual, we are blog hopping with The Cat On My Head Sunday Selfies.
                                         And we had fun yesterday being Pirate Kitties!!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Bos-n Minkorossa-Rumpelmeezer & Captain Pipofang, Pirate Mastercat

Avast! Ahoy!

With a Galleon, too, 

We'll sail the seas, 
And raid the shores, 
Of islands and keyes; 
Then we'll sail some mores... 
Ahoy! Avast! 
We'll have a blast!! 
Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day!"


Our slave-deckhand-swab is working and we didn't want to have her do anything else other than feed us our noms and clean our boxes if she made new pics she would have to be a walking the plank...Argh!

So into the loot and booty filled treasure chest we made her dig...and she came up out of there with these...maybe some have spied these afore, but well, that is how it will be, Yarghhhh!

Ahoy! We are the Meezer-Pirate-Mates! Aarrrgh!"

"Ahoy! WeBeesPiratesTwo; With a Galleon, too, We'll sail the seas, And raid the shores, Of islands and keyes; Then we'll sail some mores... Ahoy! Avast! We'll have a blast!! Yargh!! Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day!"

"CAPTAIN PIPOFANG; The Pirate-Mastercat I got all my loot stashed and well guarded! AHOY!! AVAST!! AAARRRGHHH!"

  "AARRGGHHH! I am Bos-n Minkorossa-Rumpelmeezer. Avast!"

"AARRGGHHH! I am Bos-n Minkorossa-Rumpelmeezer. Ya'll best be marking yar pawsteps well, around loot is well guarded by my deckhands... Yaarrgghhh! Avast me mateys!"

There!! These be our pirate pics fur ya'll to peer at...

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Happy Birthday to Mauricio and Misty May!!

Today is the 11th birthday catabration for Mauricio and Misty May, two of the furmily that is also known as Kitties Blue...or...The Cat On My Head.

We want to wish them  furry Happy Birthday, and many more!!

Its your Birthday today!!
Its a fun day at Kitties Blue.
They're catabrating YOU! 
Cat nip to enjoy,
Or a mousie toy,
And loud purrs,
When stroked are your furs...

Have a happy day!
You are eleven you know...
May you reach onehundred eleven,
As round and round the sun-clock you go!!

Happy Meowday!!

{ Feel free to snag this picture to post on your own pages:)) }

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sunday Meezers ~ Selfies That Is

Well, its that day again, when selfies can be seen.
Close ups, messy furs, or done with your preen.
Pipo says, shucks I would rather repine...
Minko says Selfies? Just fine!
Ages ago we showed you a froggie,
And sometimes joined in with our doggie ...
We love the Sunday Selfies Bloggy!

On my fave viewing perch. My paw just released the shutter...

Jack-in-the-box?? Nope, Minko-in-the-box! And no, he is truly not frozen, MOL!

We made a tribute post for the Sweet Lucy of 15andMeowing...just click and you can go visit that page in case you missed it...and of course we are all missing Lucy. We send our comforting purr-rumbles to Ellen and the whole furmily. Our Tribute for Sweet Lucy

Minko is showing a wee bit of interest in food, in that he sniffs it...ha-ha. Now to get him to bite it and eat:))
Our dog-guy is doing pretty good, too, he staggers a bit, but he seems his old self other than that.

We are joined up and hopping in the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop, Hosted by The Cat On My Head.