Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Winter Will Not Stop...Good Grief

And...we got more snow yesterday...ugh. About 8 inches, all the schools were closed to day. We think its a record for number of days of classes cancelled around here.

Meowmy got stuck in the driveway when she got home from work last night, and when she finally was parked, she decided to clean up some...that took about 2 1/2 hours...OMC:( She didn't get to bed until about 330 am...

This morning only a dusting of new snow had come...but then the plow came along...wham...another 2 hours work to get all the packed and icy stuff out of the end of our driveway.

Pawppy and her had a total of about 6 hours of snow cleanup work today alone...pawppy thinks they have done a full weeks worth of it this winter...too bad that no one pays them by the hour to do that, MOL! They wish...

So the groceries had to wait another day before being bought...well, we do have a well filled pantry, good to raid at times like this.

Would you believe it is 42F right now?? OMC! And thunderstorms predicted for Thursday...and then back to the deep freezer. What a strange winter we are having.

Maybe the 'warmth' will help lower the tops of our snow mountains...We can't even see the road. And no birdies either...they are hiding as are the squirrels. Would you believe it...meowmy heard some robins when she was outside cleaning snow...but she couldn't see them. There seems to be some hope?

Pipo was really in silly mode when he got to bask in a sun puddle...he was chasing his tail while on top of the cat condo...and he almost fell off, MOL! He meant to do that you know.

Minko...well he gave pawppy a mess this am...he gobbled his breakfast and then right beside pawppy's chair...well he barfed! YUCK. He just does that sometimes...then he goes about as if nothing happened. Except the peeps have to clean the carpet...



  1. Around here we have to take up the dog's food when they leave some - otherwise Travis will gobble it and barf too.

  2. thanx full ta cod ya canna see burdz..bad enuff ya gotta heer em....N bee leeve thiz.. knot one...but TWO stupid robinz wuz on R paddy oh last week....standin in snow...lookin ta knock on de door askin for looze cash......well, ya noe how far that went....

    1. You kitties make us giggle, MOL!

      Can you just imagine them robins looking fur worms in the frozen snow?? They should learn to stay south...

  3. Meow what a winter!. We had the last snow at the same time but only a little. Dad is beyond digging what we had. He tried dancing on that one leg but called our helper dood who dug sisfur out (They were both under the carport so nice neighbor could use his big Bobcat to do the 150' drive.) Yesterday started melting but Dad got stuck last night in the drive just like your Mom.
    Glad it is over. We hope!

    Hey! Your Blog looks AWSOME! You can give lessons!
    We are glad we started blogging as who knows what will happen with Catster. Better safe than sorry
    Purrs my dear Meezers

    1. Getting stuck in your own driveway is so embarrassing...
      We're glad you were able to get the needed help to get all dug out.

      Thanks fur the compurrments...we actually get a lot of help with our blogging from some doggies! MOL! They have kitties, too...we are sure you know Jez and Travis and their furmilies...they are so good to help all of us who need help. We don't think meowmy would have even made a blog if it were not fur their wonderfur help!