Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Beautiful Sun Puddles!

Yay! The sun is out...well at least fur a while! We are thoroughly enjoying lying in sunpuddles, basking in their warmth.Its been way too long...now if we can only convince that snow machine NOT to come back, MOL!

Not a whole lot of anything much happening here, Yawn...we will go back to our sunny patches...

Friday the 14th is our Gotcha Day, but meowmy says she has to work...sigh...it just figures.
We are going to catabrate our 9th Gotcha Day. Maybe next year when we have the big 10 she will have that day off...we can only hope & mews.

Still not telling meowmy where else we want to purrmanently plant our paws, well here and some other site...when we do make up our minds on that issue, we will post the info here,  so you will know where to hunt us down!

We need to teach meowmy how to put images into our blog postings...but we need to go finish those sunpuddle naps first.



  1. There's a little button that looks like a picture when you make a new post - next to where it says "link." You can put a picture in there.

  2. Have a great Gotcha day and enjoy dose Sun Puddles... hope we gets sum sun soon...

  3. doodz....if ya iz knot a loud online on fryday we will say happee gotcha day two ewe rite now ~~~~~~


    and heers ta 900 mor.....hope yur day iz spent in de sun, eatin salmon, chillaxin in front oh de tee and vee watchin garfield, hope ya gets lotz oh primo grazz N nip and may be sum cake & mice creem & NOE BURD !!!!!

    happee day two ewe both !!!!!!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  4. Hi, KItties!
    We had another sunny day...Wow, we are setting records, MOL!

    Thanks fur the info and the Gotcha Day well wishes!
    Pipo & Minko

  5. Hello to our friends from sunny San Diego! we hope you had a wonderpurr gotcha day even though your Mom had to work!
    Hugs from us
    Xena and family