Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentines Day/Gotcha Day

Its time for the love to start!
We wish all our furends a Happy Day of Love!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Its also our Gotcha Day! How cool is that?
OMC! We were teeny dudes back then...Feb14, 2005.
Well that's it fur now!
Purrs & Mews !


  1. We posted this a tad early since meowmy has to work the next two evenings...

  2. What beautiful kittens you were-- and gorgeous kitties you are! Happy Gotcha Day and Happy Valentine's Day, too!

  3. OMC, what adorable lil kittens! Happy Valentine's and Happy Gotcha Day!

  4. Ooohhh! Kittens!
    Happy Gotcha day and Valentimey day too!

  5. Hi kitties & pups!
    Thanks fur stopping by!
    Meowmy thought that Minko was going to have longish furs, he really had floofs as a baby!
    Well, no he didn't but his furs are still way different than any other meezer that meowmy has loved. Hmmm...appawrently his heritage is a bit different!


  6. therez de fame mouse art werk frum pipo N minko we haz missed see in !!!!! frum de crazed place that doesn knot noe if de door is open ore closed.....happee earl lee hearts day oh love doods !! we spoze ya hurd now they iz KNOT shuttin down....

    1. Hi, Tabbies!

      We did hear! But that doesn't mean we are pulling our paws out of the other sites...

      Happy ♥ to all of you, too!

  7. Meow Oh My you were such little kyooties