Saturday, February 22, 2014

Mews, Oppurnions and Confursions

What a windy day it was yesterday.
Our snow covered yard is bestrewn with all kinds of bits and pieces of branches…like sprinkles on a cake.
And right in the middle of this snow is a broken in half butterfly:(
It was supposed to have been permanently attached to the tree it was decorating…but the wind decided to wrestle with it and it won:(
So meowmy felt kind of sad, this butterfly was a gift from our Auntie, and it was up there for many years already. Well, now we shall have to help the economy by getting another from some local garden shop…and a good fastener, too, MOL!

At least we have not had to watch snowflakes lately…last time was Feb19th…and we even got to bask in a few sun puddles, and today again. Hooray!

We still have our snow mountains though…but now they are ice mountains, because we had more than a few buckets of rain pouring down on them on the 19th…after a dumping of about 2-3 inches of new snow…we are glad we do not have to be out there…

And there IS hope…meowmy has heard and even seen Robins! Go figure! (sorry, tabbies...)
Pipo wants to purr his two paws worth:

I am so good at snoopervising and leading my pawppy around our den, why he even deigns to follow me!
And when he rewards me with a chin scritch he has to bend over a bit…so then I hop up on his shoulders/back to get a ride.
Or I might decide its a good warm shelf to curl up on…Hmmpfff, he always stands up so I have to get off…sigh…

And pawppy was lamenting the fact that he had to throw away a nice white usb cord…all chewed up he said…and he glared at me.OMC! I am a good 4-paws. I only beat up dog-guy to protect my kitty brofur Minko…oh and I hiss at meowmy when she tries to brush my teeth,,,shucks thats so undignified, why should I have to suffer that brush with yucky kitty toothpaste on it, why its not like its  catnip flavored or tuna.
Well, I have to go and see if there are any noms…purrs!


And naughty Minko wants to confurs a bit:

The other day when the sun peered out briefly it warmed up my snack!
Well, there was a fly in the windowsill, and meowmy hadn’t been around to clean yet…so said fly awoke…buzzed and splat, it were MINE! I savored evfurry morsel!

Then a few hours later after I had some so called real noms, I put a big barfy on the carpet right beside pawppy’s chair…meowmy said that fly must have kept on buzzing inside of me, MOL!

I like to sit on the desk when meowmy is there being my typist. Well yesterday I was there relaxing, and she was jostling a bit to do her catretarial duties…so I mrouwed, ‘NO, I want to relax and you are bothering me’, so I chomped down on her wrist…she said ‘Ouch’ and I was evicted…
Well, today I paid her back….

Meowmy has a little music player beside her desk on the end table…and its computerized so it has a usb cord…I tried to snack on that worm…but all I got was a big ‘NO’ and a shooing away…now that cord is all covered up. Dang! Busted and thwarted at the same time.

Pawppy says now he knows who chewed *his* usb cord…I fear my bank account is going to be raided…

Well, I am off to find a hidey hole to take a nap….


And that is our Meezer mews and views fur today...


  1. I hasn't gotten into chewing USB cords . . . yet! Y'all are givin me some ideas . . .


    1. Oh, might get into some troubles if you try that white wormy USB...even the black ones are cause fur alarm in the peeps if they get one lets us have any fun, right?!

  2. A gold medal fur dah fly catchin' - great job! Yew needs to 'splain to yer Mom though dat brushin' yer toofies ish wrong wrong wrong, so dah wrist bitin' ish totally understandable - hoomans hash such strange ideas sometimes, MOL!

  3. Isn't there that song about "ate the fly I wonder why" MOL
    We had a little warm the other day too and did not get a fly but a StinkBug! Yuck! The little fellow Einstein chased it but Dad got to it furst. Cannot wait till Spring when he catches his furst MOL
    Purrs Meezers!

    1. Yup, we get dem stinky bugs too...EEUUWWWWW!
      Nobuddy noms on dem, but...we dismember them, OMC! MOL!

  4. Hope it thaws fur y'all soon... and don't eat da cords, eat da fuds!

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  6. Hi Meezers! WAHHH No new post WAHHHH

  7. Hi, Timmy,,,meowmy has been way busy she said to us...and some of the busy was that horrible snow that seems to clog the driveway over and over again...not to mention her work.

    And she said she had to go and read so many bloggies of other furs, make some pictures and well...tempus fugit!