Saturday, February 15, 2014

Some Slide Shows Of Old Badges From Our Catster Profiles

Minko is trying to save a part of his doesn't show up in the HTtrack mirroring tool's finished product, but it does seem to work as a Slide show od some of Minko's Badges from his Catster Profile page link here, Yay!

Slide show of some of Minko's Badges from His Catster Profile

Here is a similar one from Pipo's profile:

Slide show of some Badges from Pipo's Catster Profile

These are older ones and I couldn't save them other ways as yet...meowmy needs to do a lot of learning, MOL!
I tried 'save as', but that doesn't seem to work when I open them up, I tried to put them on PB but it won't let me...sigh...well this works for now!

We couldn't get this one image to show up either, but it works well here, MOL! Hooray!
And now we have a nother Gotcha Day piccie from MsFitz and the Tomcat furmily; Thank mew furry much!


  1. Cool slideshows-- we've got to write an entry telling how to add a page... that's what I did to add all the pretty badges I got ovfur at Dogster..

  2. Yu meezers are furry hansum kitty cats.

  3. So glad you got your GotCha Day photo. We are still reeling from the news that Catster is staying but are a bit worried about how much it may change
    Purrs and Happy GotCha Day Meezers!