Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Short News-Mews

Well, dog-guy got to do all the woofs today...we will say, though, it was nice and quiet around this den today...and even can read all about why in the dog-guy's bloggie...


  1. Quiet? Dog guy must not have been there then . . .

  2. Sure hope Freckles feels better soon...

  3. Bet yu missed yur doggiebro.

  4. dooz...we hope dawg dood iz doin aye oh kay...we hurd him bee eatin rocks N busted hiz teethz kleen off.....

  5. OK Meezers... Do you go to Catster anymore? Where are you hanging out? Purrs

  6. Hi, kitties.
    We were rather quiet for a while, meowmy says dog-guy took a lot of her attentions fur a while, then she got some virus that stole her miaower, then she had her work, household chores, and a ton of catching up to do…sheesh!

    Now she feels a bit better, but there are still some strange barks she makes, even though she isn’t trying to be a doggy, MOL!

    There are lots of piccies to be made for furs in Catsterland, and Dogsterland…that takes so much time that sometimes there is no time to blog or do diaries…sigh.….but we are still here nevfurtheless!
    We do not evfur want to loose touch with our furends!
    If we miss things, its not because we don’t want to be there with you…

    So, miaow and purrs and hugs!
    We come when we can!