Thursday, March 20, 2014

Panic Mode & Barkless

Soon by the calendar it is supposed to be Spring! Hooray!
Well, while some melting of snow has happened, there is still loads of it! Only now the piles and mountains are no longer pristine, but yucky looking, esp where the dog-guy spends his pennies, MOL!
A week ago we had a major dump of over nine inches of heavy wet snow. Things had just started to look better out there, and it was even warmish…that is to say it was above freezing. And then winter returned to pester us again. UGH.
Here are some pictures to inform you of our snowiness:
This is looking  towards the road from our back steps, taken on March 8th.
Pawppy had just finished clearing the path to make the sidewalk neat. That fence is 5 feet high, and you can see that the snow mountains are taller than the fence.
Some other pictures from the same day:
Our den and cars...try pulling out of the driveway when you can't see over the mountains.
Our resident garden squirrels, finally out from under the snow...and they are holding down some large flowerpots, the snow was oh so furry deep...
And then we had another dump of that heavy wet snow on March 12th.
The sidewalks have disappeared...
And so have those squirrels.
That same day we had a dog-guy holiday…he went to that *vet* pawlace…and was there for hours. When he came back, he smelled funny and didn’t even try to say anything to us, and no barking at evfurrything he heard. That was really odd, because he sure can be a master barker pup.
Pipo as close as he has evfur gotten to Dog-guy without a hiss or a smacky paw, MOL!
Minko was rather worried about that strange smell, so he didn't dare get up close...
Well in a day or two he was more like the dog guy we know, but then this Larry-N-Gitus dude paid meowmy a visit, along with some frogs and squeaky mousies.
By now, meowmy has managed to evict L-N-G because she nevfur invited him, but she is barking. like dog guy…good grief the world is upside down.

We sure keep meowmy busy ourselves though…we puke fur her benefit now and then, we scatter the litter about, so that we will get cleaner floors, MOL!  We make her compose purrty pictures fur furs, though sometimes she has to do that fur dog-guy as well…and we sit purrty or do silly things like snag a piece of yarn, and pull it, knock the things off of the counter in the bathroom, or chase my tail(Pipo). Of course sunbathing is always a high priority, even more so this winter with so much coldness. We had to hide a time or two when the dudes came to do maintenance on our furnace…but we let him, because we like its warmth so much.

The other day we watched her mouse go berserk… it jumped all over the screen and made the pages turn when meowmy wasn’t even done reading them…Yikes, she was getting into a panic mode. She was purrturbed with Minko because he likes to sit between meowmy and the edge of the laptop, and bonks his head on it too…so she was going to try to blame him fur her woes... Even unfur-the-techie-bro was stumped. Pawppy thought the confuser was kaput:( and that it would need to go to the confuser hospital …but, wonder of wonders! Pawppy turned the confuser on its side to write down the serial number, and when he placed it back on the desk…OMC! It was fine! Pawppy said maybe there was a real bug in there and the movement dislodged it back out from under the trackpad/mouse. Maybe that’s why Minko was so interested in the confuser.

Anyways no worries, kitty pals, meowmy can still help us mew & purr with you all.

Meowmy really looked funny on St Patrick’s Day…she wore her regular uniform, but put on a little green hat on top of her head, and a light up shamrock pin on her shirt.
When she came home she was still giggling, because she had made her residents giggle and smile…it was worth her being silly she said. I guess it was OK fur her to leave us, if she was making others feel good…but we didn’t do anything green here, MOL!
And now we want to show you that tree you see beside pawppy, shoveling the sidewalk, how it should look really soon, now that Spring is close at hand.
It is a Weeping Cherry tree, but let us tell you we will not be weeping at all when our yard looks like that! MOL!


  1. Hope all da snow and cold gets outta dere so Spring can come and green your place up! Sorry your Momma wuz sick and glad she and Freckles are feelin' better!
    You kitties sound like da kitties here... followin' da sun spots 'round da house...

  2. Glad your meowmy and Freckles are feelin better!

  3. Thanks yu meezers fur keepin us up to speed on things in yur neck o' the woods.
    Daddy drills with a puter savvy dood. That guy says to always try jus turdin off (an then back on) the puter first an see if that helps when things go wonky.

    Hope yur day is full of sun puddles!

    1. Yup, that's always the furst line of defense, to try and correct issues of confusion...but it didn't work this time. And we turned it off more than once! Then we let it sit for a while, too...nope. Its been OK since that day.

      We may have a few sunny puddles today, but there are clouds too...and Oh no, there was some new snow last night! Sheesh.

  4. Oh Meow My we will not complain about our cold weather here anymore!
    MOL You really got the wet snow fur sure

    Hope Mom is feeling better. Rumpy had that Larry N guy visit him in December. He sounded so funny greeting Dad on the steps. Dad would laugh.

    We do lots to keep Dad active too. Litter spreading is a favorite of ours too

    Purrs fur your confuser. We hate when that happens cause Dad cannot work on our bloggies

    Bye fur now
    Timmy Dad and Furmaly

    1. Hi! All is well here right now, and we hope it stays that way1
      The grass is getting greened up a bit now , with the wormer sunnier days. Brings in all the good birdies too!

  5. PS Dog guy is ok right? Did he get the, um, er, snip?

    1. Dog-guy lost his know...years ago!
      He had to have a tooth pulled out because it was shattered, though its his secret about how he did it...
      He's fine now!