Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Pesto & Pee-po

Minko has some miaows: My Thwarted Efforts

I don’t think meowmy appawsiates my purrs and paws furry much…at least not lately…

She had to move her confuser to a different pawlace, cause the chair she wanted to use didn’t fit under her desk. She needed the other chair because her back was bothering her and pawppy’s chair helps…anypaws, now her confuser is on the table. So…I jump up there and then its easy to get between the confuser and meowmy…so she can hardly see the screen or the keyboard, MOL! So she says.
She just doesn’t appawsiate me…see, I start to purr and knead and wiggle a bit, and I don’t like it when meowmy moves her hands and arms to do all that tapping and typing. And why does she get to play with a mouse but not me?
Well after a bit of time goes by, meowmy picks me up, bribes me with a kiss and puts me on the floor…sigh…I told you so!

Well, so then I decided to get to the back side of the confuser. Hey its cozy back there. And…she keeps her confuser on a thick rattan mat. Um…the other name for a rattan mat would be scratching pad, MOL!
She didn’t think so though…and you guessed it, on to the floor I went…after I thought she had forgotten about that, I went to the back of the confuser again…and did not scratch. But…I saw this wee gadget protruding from the back of the keyboard, not the USB cord mind you, this thing was loose and made of metal, so I decided to jiggle it and rattle it, to see if I could dislodge it, to begin a 'bat it around the floor game’. Wow, a neato 'not a cat toy' toy! MOL!
But Meowmy didn’t think so either…she said hey! And I got put to the floor again. She said she needs that toggle to her lock down (It is a computer lock, not unlike a bicycle lock…)…sheesh! So now all I have to do is figure out how to get rid of that thing so that when meowmy goes to her work, maybe I can get to use the confuser myself…yes, that is my goal! MOL!
Until Pipo reminded me that my paws may not be able to manipurrlate the keys furry well…sigh...

I wanted to use the confuser myself to say hooray and thank-mew to Catster fur still being here fur us to purr and pawlay in!

And thanks to the kitties and pups who taught our furmily how to do blogging!
Happy Kitty I am...despite all the thwarted efforts, MOL!

And Pipo has a confursion to make: Peed And Busted

My name should be Pee-po according to meowmy...

Meowmy was straightening up a cupboard nearby the litterbox.
So I sat on top of the box and watched fur a while…but then I had an urge…well, you know, a call from nature to do my duty.

Meowmy realized that I was in the litterbox, and didn’t think much of it…until she heard a strange sound…like a hard stream of liquid in the wrong spot…huh? OMC! She bent over the box, and sure enough…my paws were in there, my back ones were not and my tail was UP. And fur sure I was making a pee and none of it was going in the designated litter. All of it was on the litter mat and the towel under that mat…(Meowmy thought at least she was prepared.) I do have to give her credit…she didn’t spook me or anything like that, she just let me finish, and then she cleaned it up…thank mew, meowmy!
But now she says she knows who is the culprit, because she once in a while has found pee-pee in the wrong place, outside the box, that is why the towel and other protections were already there. Shoot, now I can’t blame ‘not-me’ or Minko…and well dog guy can’t fit into that space…sheesh, I can’t even blame him. But I smacky pawed him a lot today nonetheless...

Busted! And renamed…from Pipo to Pee-po…sigh…

And thank-mew to the HQ of the ‘new’ Catster.
I am so glad that I can mew and MIAOW whenever I need to!
I hope to be doing that fur a long long time!
And here in Bloggieland too!

Here is a funny thought...March is supposed to be green for St Patrick's Day, but...I do have a lot of green on my Catster page, Christmas trees, and they are all decorated too, MOL! Oh least I HAVE a page and can mew with you all! Hmmm...This bloggie page is not green at all, MOL!

Maybe it will be good to keep things in a neutral mode fur now...


  1. MOL - I pee with my front paws outside da box sometimes but never da back paws out! Momma says one time Charlie did a poop with all four paws balanced on the edge of the box - and it landed right in the center. He musta been a talented dude.


  2. Hi Kitty Cats! This is actually me, Ellie from over here in Idunno.
    I wanted to agree with Minko. I love, love, love to help the MomCat purrson when she is messing around with her laptop. Problem is, I tend to get all drooly when I'm happy. She doesn't like my drooly stuff to get on her 'puter. Can you imagine? It's nice and warm next to it. And it's right next to a window. I like to rub my face on the blinds. She doesn't like that either.
    *giggle* We just like to spread our kitty love, don't we?

  3. doodz....all de above happeninz can be blamed on....wait for it..knot dawg dood...knot roooooooooooooood caca droppin bug infested BURDZ...knot de change oh seezon...but


    N we canna bee leeve what kinda nut case catster iz....wunder ho manee catz & dawgs all reddy up N leeved ~~~~

  4. pee ezz...nice ta meet ewe pesto & peepo =^..^=

  5. Hee hee...your new names is funny... sometimes Jez misses a lil bit too-- not so much lately, she's been aimin' better.

    And all us critters likes to bug da Mommas when dey's on da confusers... they should be payin' attenshun to us instead!

  6. Hey you two Meezers!
    I used to bug Dad when he was on our confuser but I have given that job to Rumpy. I now sit next to him and purr like the good Top Cat I am. Rumpy gets the "RUMPY" and gets put down on the floor or has to jump onto the cat walk.
    Our Toby has a peepee habit of standing when he lets loose. Some say this is spraying but not Toby! He puts out a River MOL. Dad made us really big litter pans out of big tote things. Now we can dig and shoot litter around and even stand up to go! MOL
    Hope to see you at the Catster fur St Pattys Day!