Sunday, March 30, 2014

Wolverines Are Scary Critters, But We Want Them To Win...Go Blue!

Exciting Things in the Basketball World, Today...We are rooting for The Wolverines!
Hey Pipo! Its almost time for the Wolverines to play their Basketball Game!

Well, well! Finally we get a chance to mew here again. Later today those scary creatures known as the Wolverines will be trying to put their big bouncy ball into the net enough times to WIN! At least we hope so, MOL!

Today we are at 48F, a heat wave by earlier standards, MOL! And its sunny, hooray! We love our sun puddles. A lot of our snow has melted and though a lot is still piled up, at least we can see grass again. There sure are a lot of broken off limbs and large branches to clean up, meowmy says she thinks she is a part time lumberjack!
The red squirrels have taken over the backyard woodsy area, OMC! Walnut shells evfurrywhere. Dog-guy couldn't get through all our deep snow to rout them out of there.
Bunnies, too have chewed off the bark from saplings, so more work fur meowmy to cut them all down, they will die anyways, they must have been so furry hungry this severe winter. Usually dog-guy keeps them scared off, but again he couldn't get back least the deer can't get over our fence, at least they haven't tried.

Well, we need to get ready to cheer our team on...

Minko: Paws Crossed For A Win!

Pipo Mews: Go Blue!

Minko got so excited he's all tangled up in Go Blue gear...OMC!
This is a better way to cheer on my team:
Mew at ya'll later!
MIAOW and Go Blue!


  1. Awww....they lost...sigh...

    But no worries, now we can cheer on those cats, known as the Detroit Tigers! MOL!!

  2. Y'all look good in your Michigan gear though - momma says just make da blue a lil lighter den it would be pawfect for UCLA - hee hee!

    1. Hi, Travis. Thanks! while these colors seem to work fur several schools...there is only one University of Michigan, MOL!

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  4. sorree guys...purrhaps next yeer....notre dame dinna even make de cut sew at leest yur teamz getted sum play time in !!!

  5. Yes, getting that far is already quite an accomplishment.

    Today we get to start Roaring For Our Tigers!!
    Detroit Tigers, that is...

  6. We will supurrt your team cause we are not basketballers. GO BLUE!
    You two look so furry nice as cheer kitties!
    Purrs my Meezer furends
    Timmy Dad and Furmaly

    1. Hi,Timmy & Gang!
      Thanks fur the sup-purr-t.