Sunday, April 27, 2014

Another Boxy Tail Helped By A Mousie!

Minko Box & Mouse games

A while ago meowmy got some new furniture and covers to protect them. Those covers came in an awesome box!  I just jumped right in, no matter that the box was filled with plastic bags that the covers came in, and other packing paper, all the more crackly fun fur ME!

A box full of paper, plastic and Minko

Great hiding room in here...
 Of course I had to test it for its teeth cleaning and sharpening quality.
I have to bite fur quality control, evfurry box that I find.

Then meowmy found a mousie under the furniture.

I had a lot of fun with that mousie, fur sure.
Hi, Mousie...I am gonna catch you...
Hmmm, how to best snag me dat mousie?
I'll give it a bit of a tail pull.

I'm getting there...

You're gonna be mine, Mousie!


Welcome to my boxie condo, Mousie...

Privacy please...I gotta work on my mousie prize!

Pipo wasn’t too interested, so he just watched from the safety of the furniture’s edge, so he could dive fur cover if needed…
Sheesh, I would like to have me a mousie, too...but I need to stay close to the furniture to hide from that camera box, even though the flash is off...

You can see the gates we need to keep dog-guy out of the living room, so we can have a doggy free zone!

Have a nice Sunday and a great week ahead! Get lots of catnaps, kitty fun and catnip, too!


  1. Yu cats an yur boxes! I jus don't get it. Why don'tcha let dog-guy in to join in sum fun?

    1. Dog-guy in our that would be asking fur some great smacky paw sessions, even mine; mostly I leave that up to Pipo.

  2. Maurice da cat tried to get in a box dat wuz way too small fur him... it were hilarious!! He is obsessed with da boxes!

    1. I, Minko, have stuffed by hinder into a 6 inch square box...MOL!
      Who could resist!
      And who needs 'toys' when boxes are already there!

  3. Oooh, I luvs boxes! Dis week, me and Maurice were playin in dis big box dat Whitley's new pool float came in - it was fun.

    1. Hoora fur any and all boxes, the newer the better, cause then we get to put our scent into them...and our furs!

  4. Why, Thank Mew, Travis!

    Growlmy is really busy just now, so being a bad catretary, she said it will have to dealt with a bit later...
    We shall try!