Thursday, April 10, 2014

Chatterboxing and Playing Tennis

Minko mews furst:

Tennis Anyfur?

A few evenings ago, meowmy heard me making a lot of noisy scuffles and running around.
What on earth was I into now?
Um, I was playing kitty tennis!
Which means I found one of the tennis balls rolling loose from the doggy toy box…and decided it was going to be my turn!
I rolled it over the floor, pounced on it, and smashed it under the couch. I retrieved it, and did it all over again!
Whee! Fun! Somehow I couldn’t get it to go up the stairs, which is what I do with mousie toys…then I throw them down and chase after them. So I left the ball at the bottom of the stairs, ran up and ran down again to pounce on it. Phew! I got so worn out I just left it and decided to go and pester meowmy as she was working on the confuser…which meant she picked me up and set me on the floor…sheesh…not even her lap!
So I went to the doggy nest and made that my nesting spot, MOL! Dog-guy had to go somewhere else when he wanted to sleep, teehee!

Pipo Purrs next:


I like to sit and watch the outdoor activity, lots to see right now, being as it is spring break for school kids. There are some chickens next door, OMC!
I chattered and mroepped at them.
Dog guy was sitting under the window, in the grass, catching I did more chattering and chirping…
Then I saw a lot of robins hunting for their meal…in *my* yard. How dare they trespass! So I chattered and chirped some more…
Then…OMC! I had to hiss and MIAOW!
Nevermind a chatter…I saw the neighbors *cat*. Hey how come that kitty can go outside? He better not dare to come over our fence into *my* yard…cause then I will chatter to dog-guy to evict him…MOL!

Meowmy says I am not being polite, but I am only doing my duty as a through the window yard patroller/chatterbox. So there. MIAOW!

Right now I am chattering/chirping and pawing at meowmy...fur some belly rubs! And not chattering but purring...


  1. Awww, you're a chirper! Momma says Charlie were a chirper. I are more a louder MROWWWWWER like Jezebel was. Maurice, who is huge, has da quietest lil meow of all!

    1. Minko has a softer mew than most meezers, too! He even squeaks sometimes, MOL!"
      Pipo has the typical meezer MRAT as well as the chirps and chatterings. He also has a cute mroep...a cross between a chirp and a mew, MOL!

  2. Our SamCat crashes all ofur the place playin with his lil cat toys. EllieCat likes to chirp at burds.

    Wunner whut yule see an do today?

    1. Sometimes meowmy says we sound like a herd of elephants, and how on earth can two kitties make so much rumpus & ruckus!?

      Just seeing a bunch of ordinary burdies this day...too many kids outside next door...they are on their spring break.

  3. minko....ewe noe...if dawg dood wuaz nay kinda brother he wood throw d ball up stairz for ewe ...sint that what dawgs due any way....throw stuff sew peepulz can chase it....

    N pipo....we think de naybor kitteh wuz tryin ta rid de nayborhood oh de roood, bug infested, stoooooooooopid, caca droppin BURDZ... that bee all over, N he getted em as far az yur place bee for him kneaded ta take a brake....look outside like RITE NOW & see if they iz still ther...

  4. Good idea, Tabbies, I gotta recruit Dog-guy to play with me! burds right now, MOL!

  5. WE gots all kinda burds here... and Momma hung a burd-feeder outside da window near da cat tree just so da kitties could watch 'em... she calls it CAT TV....

  6. We wish meowmy would do that, but dog guy chases all our burdies away, so she doesn't want to tease them with seed only to get chased.

  7. Oh you two have so much fun. Pipo we like to chitter at the birdies on Critter TV all the time. Miss Fitz is the very best as she has a high little chirp.
    Minko Mr Buttons is our Zoomie!
    Love you two

  8. Hi, Timmy!

    Pipo gets a bit zoomy-ish when he tries to catch his tail...

    We love you too, and your furmily too, of course!