Monday, April 21, 2014

Open Windows And A Windowed Box

Hooray, its been quite nice here for a few days, and now we can have our windows open again. The better to hear all the buzzing of those bugs which have awoken after their long cold winter.
Though often its drowned out by all the barking that dog-guy does at varmints and such.
We can sniff all the good fresh air sniffs, too.

The Bluebells are in full bloom.
Our Bluebells are all a-bloom, too!

Meowmy found us a cool box, there are peekaboo holes in it, and a doorway, too…like a kitty cat house! MOL!
Our new fun box...Pipo s checking it out.
What are you doing, Pipo?

So we take turns sitting in it, its fun to do our grooming sessions in there.
But when she tries to take a picture of us in there…well, out we go! We need our privacy…
how are supposed to hide in this now?

We had a quiet Easter here, meowmy had to go to her job, so no bunnies here, at least not the Easter kind. Well…wait now, meowmy put on some bunny ears and wore those to her work! OMC! No way she said, no way is anyone going to take a picture of her wearing those ears…but her residents at the nursing home all thought they were cute!
We wonder why there are not kitty ears to be worn…
While meowmy was at her work, we had pawppy to keep us company, so we sat on his lap and made lots of biscuits, and tried to snag some of his supper pizza…he shooed us away - the nerve!

Right now we are helping cheer on our big orange cats, the Detroit Tigers…Aww, shucks, they lost...

And Minko is ripping up the envelope that meowmy’s mail came in…soon there will be confetti…
I am a master paper shredder...
Now those bits have to go down...

Pipo is napping…he does that so well, a master kitty napper!

Well…meowmy just got out the laser chaser light! We love that!
She directed it into our new box…and of course we ‘fell’ for it! MOL!

This fun lasted until Minko tried to relax in said box…and dog-guy came to investigate things and  that was the end of that, but not until Pipo had to give dog-guy a few well placed smacky paws!


  1. Have fun playing in your box! Around here, most everything is drowned out by Whitley barking away at nuffin.

  2. Yu kitty cats sure do keep busy with important cat stuff.

    1. Try a box, Zoe, they are fun!
      We used to use an old box that helpd grapes, and it was like a firm bed You could lay in it and rest your tired head on the edges...well, when your guard duties tire you out!

  3. kewl iz it that ya can open yur window N heer wheat huh....and NOE burd song.....N way even kewler when they come inta de houz lookin for a samich or ta watch tee and vee coz then ewe doodz haza snax !!! hhhhmmmmmm...cricketz...crunchee... N tastee two !! ♥♥♥

  4. We do get lot of them in our den...ladybugs are rampant right now..but we don't like those...

  5. You kitties and boxes! Maurice always tries to sit in any box he comes across-- evfun if it's WAY too small fur him!! Bol!!

  6. So nice of Mom to make the residents smile. At Cat Scouts we did Easter cards fur a nursing home. They really like them. Love your Box They are such fun
    You two are so funny. Buddy rips things up like you do Minko. We all nap like Pipo MOM

  7. Replies
    1. Hi, Timmy & Gang!
      Cards are a fun way to touch the hearts of peeps who are in these places like meowmy works in.

      MOL!! Thought you were saying something mommy-ish...MOL!!

      Boxes are the best un-toy evfur!