Monday, May 12, 2014

From Our Catster Archives

Happy Mother’s Day!

To all Moms and their children, be they furry or not.

It was over 80 degrees here today.

Seems like we went from wondering if we would ever see grass and blooms again…but now the grass has been mowed twice, the leaves are coming on all the trees, and it was really warm today.

Recently we showed you our Weeping Cherry tree in full blossom mode, from a few years ago. Well this spring turned to instant summer, that tree has only put forth a few blossoms. Must have had a lot of damage from the severe frost over the winter. Meowmy was looking forward to seeing it all pink and pretty, but not this year. At least it didn’t break from all the ice and snow it had to bear over the winter. And its hardy enough to still be alive, it had plenty of leaves coming.

Yesterday, pawppy bought several patio pots full of purrty flowers to grow on our little patio. They look dwarfed by the patio pots they were set into, but soon they will be big and bright, we hope!

Meowmy tried to overwinter some geraniums, so those are outside now, and time will tell how they do. There is some greeness in them, that;s a good sign.

Now we need to close our windows, cause the radar shows some storms coming our way!

Nighty-night and stay warm and dry and safe.

From My Catster Archives


Happy Mother's Day to all Mothers!
Be you a Momma, a Mommy, a Meowmy, or a Mom...or purrhaps a Moeder or a Madre. Maybe some of your Mothers are also Grandmas! Or Oma's or Bepe's...
We are honoring all of you today. Even if you're only having're still their Mother! So there!

Anyways, now that I have mewed all about is some more furry mews.

Minko got all busted today, and I was deemed innocent because I had an alibi, MOL! I was napping in a warm sun puddle right in front of the peeps...and Minko was not...Dog-guy was near the peeps too, so even though I like to smacky paw and hiss him, today its not him getting into the bad-books...

Minko chewed up Unfur-the-Elder's power supply, a dedicated spawsial is $55 to replace it, OMC. Must have been him who chewed up that USB cord last week, right? Similar damage seen on this item as that one.

How on earth is he going to find the right kind of work to pay fur those kind of damages...

Glad it wasn't me!
I am a Goody Four-Paws!




(I wasn't in posing mode anymore, MOL!)

BUSTED - Red Toothed

Unfur-the-Elder was here today, on account of that it is Mother’s Day.

Oh yes:

Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers, be they of fur kids, real kids or both!

Unfur-the-Younger wasn’t here, but he didn’t forget to send a nice card.

Pipo & I purred and headbonked meowmy.

Of course Dog-Guy had to do his act of wagging and woofing.

As I was saying, Unfur-the-Elder was here. He always brings some electronics when he comes.

When evfurryone was sitting down to eat dinner, Pipo decided to take a nap on the condo in a sun puddle.
He entertained the crowd by chattering at bumble bees and other buggies out there. And he chased his tail.

I was not anywhere to be seen, but if course I have some neat hidey holes to snooze away the time.

Afterwards, Unfur-the-Elder came out of the icing room…and he was angry…and not a little upset.
He presented meowmy with a unique item, not normally seen, the charger to his spawsial confuser. Its a dedicated one and can’t be interchanged with others.
Um…it was chewed right thorough and there were multiple bite marks all over it.
As you may recall, last week Unfur-the-Elder had to get a new USB cord, because somefur had chewed it up. OMC!

Well, I Minko get the blame, caught red pawed, or rather red toothed as it were, because Pipo was a goody four paws and had been sleeping all through the mealtime…and dog-guy was under the table gnawing on his own chew stick…besides which he can’t get into the living room, there is a gate blocking the way.

I am in trouble now.
Unfur-the-Elder says that charger will cost him $55. How on earth can I, a wee innocent kitty with big blue eyes and nice long whiskers, earn $55 to pay it back?
All the while our unfurs had lived here, nobody much paid cords attention, except the skinny slinky ones from earbuds…now I am into the big stuff. Meowmy says I have tried to chew the power supply to her MAC, and pawppy says similar things…

I need to consult Travis The Cat, his peeps know about law and jurisdictions and stuff like that. I don’t wanna go to kitty gaol.
I gave my sweetest purrs to Unfur-the-Elder and some headbonks befur he left to go back to his own den….maybe that will get me off the hook?

And how did you spend your Mother’s Day my furry pals?? MOL!


  1. Well, after some consultin wif Whitley (ya know, she peed at Hahvahd School of Law and Barkins for three years), we's determined dat da case against ya are merely circumstanshul. Which means, dere are no REAL proof of nuffin - no eyewitnesses or anything. Whitley and me suggest ya blame da cord chewin on invadin zombiez, AKA, da Zombie Defense. Da peeps can't prove it weren't zombiez, so dat should keeps ya outta da hoosegow.

  2. Crikey ..... lucky for you, Travis coming to the rescue like that. I'd have sworn you were a goner, Minko. Although peeps shouldn't leave stuff lying around, aye??

    1. Peeps around here have nevfur learned. they keep the earbud dudes in business...and now it seems the power supply makers!

  3. Oh that Notme strikes again!

    Turn on that kitty cat charm an cuteness jus fur good measure.

    1. Not me is a really bad zombie, MOL!

      Minko says he is always cute! Charming?? um..sometimes, MOL!

  4. bee roastin hot yesterday heer in TT two....then it rained like it waz crazed N we even getted WERMS in de kewl iz THAT !!!! they iz lookin for UZ...sted oh de other way a round....hope all bee well over at de catster place....mewoloz ta any one we new....


    1. Hi, TT';s!
      Worms! UGH!
      Fleas abound over there, in Catsterland, but some of us are immune to them, MOL!

  5. Dat's right, it be circumstantial-- and since it cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt dat zombiez didn't do it, you is x-onerated!!! Purrsonally, I think it is zombie skwirrels-- they'll chew anythin'!!!!!

    1. Them squirrels do a ton of nasty chewing...then they get fried fur their efforts...

  6. Whew! Fank gudness we hab wegal minds wike Finwey an' Whitwey 'wound dis bwogger pwace tu helb us outta da messes we ged intu! Da pwoof r NOD in da puddin'...or sumfing. BOL Oooops...I meen, MOL :D

  7. MOL! Zadie!! You're woofing with us kitties! How swell is that!
    We kitties and pup do get into all kinds of issues here...pawppy sighs and says...animals.....

    Zombies Zaidie, that is why Dog-Guy is always barking his head off. Ne sees them!