Sunday, May 25, 2014

Memorial Day Mews

Dog-guy gets all the fun around here…

Well, it seems that way to us at any rate.

He can go outside at will through his doggy doors…

He can chase critters and bark at hot air balloons, and woof through the fence at the neighbors kid lets and pups…and he can run like the wind…

Lets see now…we get to sit in sun puddles, chase some bugs, drool ovfur the things we see in the yard outside and can’t do anything more than chatter and lash our tails.

We get to sample all and any of the warm laps…we can chase our tails, headbonk the dog-guy, we can jump on the dining room table…oops, not supposed to do that…we can make bread on the peeps, too bad they can’t gobble it up!

We have two rooms as dog free zones, with lets see…at least eleven soft places to choose from as well as two condos to hide in and innumerable hidey-holes to play peek-a-boo in…oh, and there are some fun boxes to sit/play in too, and loads of kitty toys in a basket, mostly catnip filled mousies and such-like. There are feather wands, crinkle balls and some old socks filled with fresh ‘nip.

So…why meowmy asks, do we try to go through the doggy doors, chew on usb and power supply cords. Hiss at the peeps when its time to have our teeth brushed…knock items to the ground such as pencils and earrings…among other nonsensical kitty amewsments. 

(Minko chewed through yet another cord…we need to get out the cayenne pepper).

And we do not have to ask to go outside to go potty if the doors are locked…nor do we need to go for walks, though that might be interesting we think…

Well, come to think of it, we seem to be rather pampered, MOL!

We have pawppy especially wound around our paws, MOL!

                                             Hey kitties!

                              It is Memorial Day tomorrow.
WeBees Mewsing About Memorial Day



We are grateful that so many gave much and many more gave all so that our peeps and yours can be free here in this land we call home, be it by birth or adoptive such as meowmy does…

At Fort Custer National Cemetery, 2014 

Young Marines placing flags on graves @ Fort Custer National Cemetery, 2014

 When our unfur-bros were younger like these boys, they did this too...dressed just like that as they were then part of our local Young Marines Group, an organization, not unlike scouts.
Its poignant and moving to see all those flags.

Have a happy and safe holiday, and remember that there is a serious reason we are having this day. Meowmy flew the flag  on our front porch today, and will do it again tomorrow, weather permitting. She was off today, but will have to work tomorrow. There are some residents there who are veterans and how proud they are of the work they did. Meowmy and all of us should thank all this who have and are serving whenever we can. 


  1. Happy Memorial Day! We had our flag up today too - well, until it started raining.

    1. Yeah, they have to not get wet...
      Have a nice holiday!

  2. Yu cats got it ruff fur sure at yur place. Good thing yu got yur pawppy rapped round yur paws or it would be lots wurse fur yu. Bol!

    Thanks fur the nice piccies of the flags an all.

  3. MOL/BOL, Zoe!!

    Have a nice day...are ya gonna get a burger, and Tux, too?

  4. How come you all get burgers on memorial day?? I've NEVER had a burger .... I'm deprived ... Mum says depraved is more like it!! Mum and Dad used to have siamese and burmese pussy cats and they trained them on a harness and lead and used to take them everywhere with them just like the dogs. Even in the car. I think they thought they were dogs. They weren't allowed outside either unless they were on their leads. They had a border collie called Harvey then too. It was quite an outing when they all went out. Nikita, the siamese, was VERY vocal in the car but seemed to enjoy it!!

    1. Oh and here's something else. They had a duck, and a sulpher crested cockatoo as well. AND 3 little girls. It was a very noisy household in those days. Oh the good old days!!

    2. Burgers are a tradition...a yummy one! But I never have had one given to me, though once I snagged one that boss boy dropped off the grill...BOL!

      Growlmy has tried to leash train her kitties of years gone by, but somehow it nevfur worked out. She has seen a lot of kitties in leads though, and travelling on the interstates at rest stops...strolling in the grassy areas!

      Was Nikita trying to be a backseat driver??
      We do a lot of dog like things, sometimes even fetch!

      Your Mum sure did have a menagerie!

  5. Hey Meezers. Very nice Memorial Day post.
    Yes we just have to go where there may be something new. It is in our nature. MOL.
    Note fur Mom from Dad
    They also sell sheathing at your local home improvement store. It is used to keep bundles of wires together. It is in the electrical dept where the loose wire is. There are small ones that could hold an expensive usb power cord by a bit of tape at either end.
    Dad Pete

    Uhhh. Dad. No more thwarting cat fun ok.