Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunshine Award - We Got One! So Here 's Our Bloggie About It

Oh, MY Catness! That is what meowmy said when she saw your notice, Travis.
Thank Mew is what we purr!

 I got this Sunshine Award from my pal Travis. Thanks!!

The Sunshine Awards are given by bloggers to other bloggers that they admire.  Here's how it works...
1.  Thank the person who gave you the award.
2.  Name 10 things about yourself that others might not know.
3.  Pass the award on to ten other bloggers (show the Sunshine Award logo so they can use it too!)

OK, so we thanked the one who sent us this award…Travis that is...Thanks once more, MOL!

Ten Things about us…since we are two kitties, that means five things each…or a combo, right?? MOL! Hey! We can cheat a bit...

1.  I take care of Minko, he’s my younger fur-bro…well, only by a few days. I make sure dog-guy doesn’t get too frisky around my fur-bro…I have to hiss him and use my smacky paw a lot when he won’t stop. Sometimes I do give him what fur just because, MOL! I don’t know why, but meowmy says that is being catty and mean.

2.  Dog-guy has doggy doors and I like to sneak through them, so that I can warm my furs in that warm back porch on sunny days. The sun puddles are so much larger in there. Then meowmy hears the door swinging, but no doggy comes inside,MOL! He’s sleeping in his nest on the couch…what better time to sneak into the sunroom!?!

3.  I had to donate a pearly white to the vet joint, likely as a ransom fur the cleaning job they did last year. But I didn’t let them steal my fangs; sheesh I *need* those!

4.  I hiss/growl at meowmy when its time for her to brush my teeth. And I make it furry hard fur her to find me, somehow even though she hasn’t even gotten out the toothbrush, I *know* its time to hide, MOL!

5.  I sort of let Minko boss me around. I let him take the best spot in sun puddles or perches on the kitty condo, or soft spots in our many nests…he seems to want to always be exactly where I am. Meowmy says I am a sort of a wuss, but I say I am being a polite kitty…I reserve my spitfire mode for dog-guy.

6.  I bite and munch on plastic, the firmer and noisier it is the better. Like the shrink wrap on pop bottles…or treat holding bags. Even the bags holding our noms and the dog-guy’s noms…though they are not plastic. But I know there is yummy stuff inside. Once Minko & I opened a new kitty noms bag and had us some…but dog guy gobbled a whole lot of it…OMC! He was a stinky pup after that…

7.  I chase my tail a lot; I twitch it and then that makes me want to pounce on it, MOL! I work so hard at it that sometimes I am rolling like a ball, OMC!

8.  I hate that heartworm medicine I have to take once a month, so meowmy has to break it up into little pieces and ‘pill’ me with them…sigh...


9.  I sing to my toys, walk them up the stairs, bat them down again and pick them up to do more kitty crooning to them before repeating the bash down, MOL!  My singing doesn’t sound like a meezer voice at all…more like a wee kitten; high pitched and squeaky…it always get the attention of meowmy who mostly giggles at me; sheesh. Doesn’t she know that peeps do things like that when they talk/sing to their unfurbabies?

10.  I like to knead and knead and knead. I could keep the cupboards full of bread in my den! No need to go to the bakery, MOL!
The best spot for kneading is the soft belly of pawppy when he is trying to take a nap. Or that of meowmy…or maybe when meowmy is typing, like now, I am on her lap, and I can watch, snoopervise the catetarial duties being purr-furmed! Sometimes I just knead in my soft nest. And make *loud* purrs along with the kneading.

11.  I like to try and get all cozy with dog-guy, but somehow we nevfur cuddle or sleep in the same spots. So mostly I just wash the dog-guy’s ears and face, sometimes he returns the favor. We have done this ritual fur many years, MOL! He sometimes begs me to do this, so I being a nice kitty do oblige him. But…sometimes he gets too silly and Pipo has to rescue me. OMC!

12.  I like to bite into cardboard, especially boxes. Lots of them have my toothy signatures on them. I like to think I am keeping my biting skills honed, nevfur know when I might need them! Or purrhaps its a kitty way of toothbrushing.

13.  I too, go out the doggy door, but then I go out the second one, too…so that I am put on the steps…I go down those and hooray…there is the grass! Great to munch on. Once I was out there, and all of a sudden I got spooked by ?? and ran back in like an exploding kitty, my tail all a-fluff and I went under the couch to hide from whatever it was. But I didn’t learn my lesson, and meowmy often finds me on the outside part of the doggy door. Good thing I get heartworm medicine, because there are hungry mosquitoes out there…that is how we ended up having to say RIP to Simba…he got heartworm from going outside with no protection:(

14.  I have opened up plastic tubs of catnip, stolen catnip toys that were meant to be given fur gifts, and bite through those little bags that nip often comes in. I sit and beg fur the nip if I know that meowmy is close by where she hides it from my teeth…now its kept in glass jars…sheesh, I can’t figure out how to open those, and my paws do not have thumbs…too bad I don’t have paws like them coonie dudes do.

15.  I love those heartworm chews and I try to steal Pipo’s, but meowmy is on to that and won’t let me do that…shucks, they taste good!

16.  I do not like salmon wet kitty food…I try to bury it, I even have scratched up the food placemat overtop of the dish…MOL!


17.  Once we spent a whole long night outside because we went outside and meowmy hadn’t noticed it. That was befur the doggy doors were installed and she would prop open the porch door so dog-guy could come and go as he wished. (We already had the fence at that time…)
So we spent the night huddled under a shrub, which is where meowmy found us early the next day when she was missing our mews…good thing it was dry and not cold.

18.  We are nip kooks, Minko is totally nutzo about it, he eats the stuff, and steals toys or even the containers with it. Pipo likes it too, but he just gets into a daze when he gets a good whiff of it; like he is stoned, MOL! Meowmy has to watch, because Minko will go and steal Pipo’s nip, and Pipo doesn’t try to guard it…silly Pipo!

19.  And we are naughty too sometimes…we chew cords. The usb cords to phones and gadgets are interesting and the  earbud cords are the funnest of all, OMC…we ruined a lot of them , the last being on May 3rd, when one the unfurs forgot to hide his cord, MOL!
Chewed through this USB cord on May 3, 2014

We aren't telling who did this...unfurbro was NOT pleased...

Not like he didn’t know we do it…hey, they are wiggly worms that need to be eradicated!
And mewomy has had to cover another one with an old sock, teehee!
Wow! Thats 19 things about the two of us!

Now how on earth are we going to nominate 10 other blogging furs?
Most other bloggers that we know have gotten this already, some more than once.
So…being meezers with a bit of a naughty bent we are going to break the rules. Yup, Breaking things and rules is fun, MOL!
We nominate *ALL* of our pals! We know you will read this and so consider your awesome - pawsome selves to be honored nominees of this selfsame sunshine award!


  1. Luved readin bout y'all! Maurice are real big on chewing da plastic too - da only plastic I's interested in are Easter grass, MOL!

  2. Bol! I mean, MOL!
    Oh, yu kitty cats. Naughty an nice all rolled up together.

  3. doodz...conga ratz on yur awards !!! N if that ewe ess & bee cord doez knot have de naybor kitteh teethz markz on it then we like burd....N ewe haz knot has salmon seered de rite way......ewe wood LOVES it if it bee seered over a open flame for 19 minits N served witha side oh ham samiches N friez !!! ♥♥

  4. Ohhhhh myyyyyyyyyyy!! You ARE SERIOUS CHEWERS!!! OMC!!!!! You must be careful! Your poor Mom must be beside herself! I am so glad you commented, how was I NOT following you? I AM NOW!!! xoxoxo