Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Sweet Rewards Of Getting Busted

Pipo would be wishing he was a naughty kitty...well, maybe...

My naughty chewing habits have earned me a DDP honor, MOL!

Pipo just has to sit there and wonder what he needs to do to be recognized fur being a goody four paws...poor brofur of mine...

Well, meowmy didn't have to be at her work, but she spent a lot of the day going on errands...doing chores, and other non-kitty stuff.
She went visiting a lot of other furry pages too, and now I have to get the leftover time...ahhh, that is the price I have to pay fur my chewing time, MOL!

Thanks so much fur the comments, prezzies, pictures, support and MOL's about this trouble I am in.

Tundra sent this nice picture to mark the event:

DDP Picture From Tundra & Gang - Thank Mew!

Tabatha from Kewlest Catster Kitties sent this picture:

DDP Picture From Tabatha @ Kewlest Catster Kitties - Thank Mew!

Pawppy says I keep eying the power supply to his Mac-book, its also an expensive dedicated one. He thinks he should get some peppered tape to cover the temptations...meowmy thinks we should just hide our cords better...duh...

I shall try to post my thank-mews really soon!

Off to spy out the land of 'cordster' here in my den...

Pipo here:
All I get fur being a good kitty is the taking away of my sunpuddles and cold winds outside...and rain, rain, rain...hey, I am a kitty, not a duck!

There are lots of things to watch outside bumble bees, though on account of all the cool weather and rain, but birdies and more birdies...(sorry tabbies)...they appear to have a nest in the eaves of our neighbors den! Hope their kitty doesn't find them...I have seen said kitty on their roof, OMC.


  1. Congrats Minko! We got tons of burdz here too.

  2. Congrats on yur Diary Pick Minko!
    Did anyfur efur tell yu, yu are a hansum kittycat!

    1. Thank Mew, Zoe!
      Are you batting those eyelashes at me now too?? MOL!

      But, yes, I am a handsome dude lest meowmy tells me so!

  3. Yay on DDP Minko!
    Dad uses that really hot red pepper and we dont bite his cords.

    1. Thank Mew Rimmy.
      Red pepper would be great,except the peeps pick up and move their confusers and other electronics a lot...might be kind of messy...

  4. Purr-es
    We have been trying to visit to Catster more. Have to get in gear

  5. dood.....haz wee been in de nip ore what....happee bee lated DDP pix two ewe az well...looks like pipo haz a tern comin up coz we heer de dawg dood getted DDP yesterday !!! hya...maybe catster will give ewe sum CASH !!!

  6. Cash...OMC! Then we could get anything kitty! Like new towers, condos, treats and other kitty delights!

  7. PS on the pepper
    Dad mixed it in a little water, let it sit for a few hours and then rubbed the water on and let it dry. It only took one or two tries to get Rumpy to stop.

    1. That sounds like a great idea...pawppy was so angry this morning...Minko chewed up yet another cord...OMC:(