Monday, June 9, 2014

Bits & Pieces Of This & That

Minko & Pipo  - Nap Disruption

We are still here, MOL!

We haven’t been around on our own bloggie too much…bad catretary, maybe we should fire her…on second thought maybe not, cause then who would feed us and clean out our boxes…and give us our belly rubs?

Oh well…
We did a lot of napping and some getting woken up, too...sigh...

Pipo spent a time chattering at the yard TV. (That is true wide screen high definition!)

Minko used meowmy’s sandals for his scratching post…yet another of his ‘traits’, MOL!

We both have made secret excursions into the back porch and beyond, judging by the pukes we leave on the carpet! Eeuuwwwww!

Wait, ‘we’  leave behind?

I, Pipo beg to differ. Out the four recently found, Minko was seen producing three of them…UGH.

He is the naughty dude who goes out onto the sidewalk…and nibbles the grass.

Who knows who made that other one…

If we grow cat grass here or nip plants they have to be grown in a separate room and rationed, OMC! (Else we will chew the whole lot down to the soil level.)


Meowmy thinks she needs to fork out some $$ and invest in a different kind of doggy door, an electronic one that will only let a fur with a ‘key’ get through. Then we won’t be able to use that fun swinging flap anymore. We of course will try to dissuade her. MIAOW!

How can this visage be naughty???

I hang out like this a lot!

Not sure if I am bored or giggling... Santa paws is always there, year round, MOL! So maybe I am meowmy! MOL!


It has been lovely weather here, a rainy day here and there, but mostly just great. Last night it rained, but then the sun came out once again. We love us our sun puddles!

Pawppy has another kind of problem. Oak seedlings. They are all over our yard, with lots of walnuts and locusts too.

Those squirrels sure were busy over the winter.

So while we just pull out all the unwanted species such as box elder, walnut (too messy), and others, the oaks are nice trees fur sure. And they sure do take a long time to get large enough for shade…but some that we planted many years ago when our unfurs were small are now giving a fair bit of shade to sit under. Yeah!

So meowmy went out and staked as many as she could find, and sometime later she will transplant them to other more appropriate spots.

Hmmm, we think that maybe the next generation may have shade from those wee oaks. MOL!

As soon as those stakes were in, the first thing meowmy saw was a large shimmering dragonfly sunning himself on the tip of one of them! To bad her camera was in the house at that time. Oh well…She needs a camera in her finger! Hah!

Can we go back to our nap now??


  1. Hey, I know all about tryin to eat plants - I'm always gettin told not too, but they are just so tasty.

    Y'all are very handsome dudes!

  2. One of our Angel Furblings once ate an entire science project of our unfur the younger...MOL!

    But we do love us our grass and nip!

    You kitties are awfully handsome yourselves!
    Hey we know good looks, right?!

  3. Great piccies of yu hansum doods! We gots a barky kitty here an he Nefur goes outside. He jus overeats an up it comes! Sumtimes Tux gets lucky an helps clean up. ;-)

    1. Hi, Zoe!

      Yup, if we start to do zoomies too soon after our!

      Funny; only way our offerings get 'goned' is when meowmy or pawppy do it. Dog-guy nevfur does, and we do not touch the other's 'stuff'...

  4. Hey doooods~! Lookin' good as usual~! Pawsome stuff'z~! Yeps mom know's how her nefur haza camera 'vailabe when her need'z one~ MOL~ Love Ur googel web site~! Bonks 'n purrs,
    Milo 'n Mallee to <3

    1. Wowweee! Hi!
      Milo & Mallee!
      Good to see you and hear your mews and views!
      Thanks fur stopping by. Meowmy says that a lot about needing a camera. If she'd keep it around her neck...nah, then she'd get all grumpy, MOL!


  5. doodz....happee meezerz day two ewe both...itz like show yur colorz meezerz day sew happee day....thiz calls for MOR grass & nip AND sum pizza piez AND sum ham samich & friez...all hand made by yur mom ta show her appreciationz for ewe bein meezerz !!! ♥♥♥♥♥

    1. Wow! We didn't know about this spawsial day just for Meezers! Thanks!

      And now we are off to beg fur noms...yummy ones!

  6. Hey Meezers good to see you and really neat that you are posting on Show Your Meezer Colors Monday! How cool is that!
    We are insiders and I think I would be a bit wary of going out. You are so Brave you two!
    Dad used to talk about our Maples. We have a few that took hold but since he no longer cuts the lawn whats the biggie.
    That is neat that Mom replanted those. Bet they will be great when they grow. We have lots of old trees and Dad kind of does not want to think about the cost of taking a few down. He just got hit with a termite treatment

    1. We are not supposed to be going out, Timmy T...we are sneaky!

      We just learned today about the Meezers color day! Imagine that!
      Eons ago, our late-grandpawppy took some Maple seedlings to The Netherlands, he snuck them in inside a jar in his the late 1960's. Then in the early 1980's meowmy went to visit her relatives, and those trees had grown into beautiful shade trees!
      They were hard maples.

      Cutting down old /large trees is a scary job fur those workers. We had to do that here to get out fence in, and then late we had to get a crew in here because a fire had ravaged some of the back woods in our property - Compliments of the neighbors shed burning down, OMC:((
      Before meowmy came to live in this den pawppy had to cut down 2 large trees, full of rot and grubs...if not they would have been blown down on our house at some point. YIKES!

      It cost hundreds to do just one tree...sigh...
      No idea what a termite treatment costs, though it must be less than needing a new den...

      So whole trees are lovely and benefical if they are in the wrong place its trouble! We have to move our seedlings so they do not end up growing into our septic system...YUCK!

      And eventually it will make for more fun Kitty TV!

  7. Hey there meezers...... you two are lookin' great....... glad to hear that you are still having fun and trying to get out in the "fresh" air......MOL chasing the little chipmunk on the deck I opened the screen door and stepped out on the deck.....oh my, meowmy was panic stricken....but very smart...she shook my treat dish and I was back inside......they have since fixed the lock on the screen door.....

    1. Hey! We missed you here, Harley! Good to see you though. We are glad you got back inside and was safe!