Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Minko Is Feeling Poorly

Well, this time there is an excuse about why we didn't play in the bloggies or even post our own...
Our interweb connection died.  It was not working at all for several days, Bummer. So meowmy went to mobile  WiFi 'hot spots' to keep in touch, but she couldn't really take the time to post much from those places. But she did enjoy the coffee in those places, MOL!
 Not sure why is got scared and left us…

And wouldn’t you know it.
That is when things happen.

Anyways, it seems to be fine now, hope it stays on, and we hope we didn't miss too much either.

Pawppy had his Birthday and the peeps left us to our devices and they went to visit a railroad museum.
Historic Durand Railway Station, Durand Michigan
It was interesting to them but not so much to us, we would have been spooked from all those noisy clanging bells, horns and clackety clacks! They had a nice lunch in that town, too...then they came home, and after some time they left again...and met up with unfur the elder and they ate a nice dinner...in a concerted railway station! OMC!
 Clara's (In A Renovated Train Station)

Meowmy told the waitress in secret that it was pawppy's birthday and when dinner was done, he got a cake, complete with candle and the whole gang of employees singing a happy birthday to him! He was kind of embarrassed but that was one way meowmy didn't have to bake a cake, MOL!! Or have leftovers...shucks, we could have helped gobble up a cake!

Saturday was Flag Day. Meowmy wore a flag pin to work...and it was lovely weather, so we flew our own flag at the den all day long.

Then on Sunday it was Father's Day. Meowmy had to work, so that was sort of a bummer, but she got to see lots of pawppy's either visiting or being visited.

Well, all this chatter is fine, but now about Me, Minko...
Pipo is enjoying not being pestered lately, I am mostly in hiding mode. No eating, no playing...and only use the box if meowmy puts me on it. OMC:((

This all started on Thursday. Meowmy couldn't even tell any one of our pals about it, cause our interwebs was kaput. Such timing.

The pawrents thought Minko had hurt his paw by racing back inside the house after one of his furtive ventures outdoors. They thought that tincture of time would be the cure...but by the time it was Friday, they decided it was bad, so off to the vet Minko went...after being stuffed into a carrier, sheesh he thought that was rather undignified.
At the vet spot, he had to literally be pried from that carrier...MOL!

Pawppy had a birthday and we couldn’t mew about that.
Meowmy got hit by a resident at her job. She is fine:)
There is a bird nest in the eaves next door, phoebes; so we are having fun watching that.

We wanted to post this about the same time the interwebs crashed here, but of course time has passed, and now there is more to report. So this is Minko's version of the first part...

I was hiding. A lot:(
And barely eating:(
Playing…nope not that either.
Then meowmy noticed that I was limping. Oh NO.

So she rudely stuffed me in a carrier and off to that vet place I went.
I have lost about 1/2 a pound. Too much, really.
Well the vet lady was unable to find any overt issue with my paw/leg (Left front), but she gave me some analgesic/anti-inflammatory pills to take fur a few days. She said she hoped tincture of time would take care of me. If not well, then further investigations would need to be done.
That first pill went down my gullet at about 1030 am, and now 12 hours later, I am acting a tad better:))

I have to take this medicine 3 more days. Purr that it helps me get better, and that I don’t need to go back to that scary vet place.

Meowmy was also wondering if it could be possible that I have Lyme disease, because of my vague symptoms. So if I do not stay better, she will ask the vet about getting me on the antibiotics needed to help rid a body of that scourge. Sheesh my pawppy’s Mother had that for many years and it was awful.

Hope all is well with all of my kitty pals.
I know that Pipo & I missed a lot of spawsial oc-cat-sions, but its good to be back now.


Now meowmy is back:

Minko seemed good for  while after getting each dose of that medicine, but after a few hours it was back to hiding. and do not touch me. He was biting us if we did...

I had to force feed him and dribble water in his mouth to make sure he didn't have other issues starting. After each time I put him on the litter box, and he would go right away, not a problem there.:))
But the Lyme disease issue continues to be uppermost in my thoughts, given that the ticks are horribly prolific this year, and he keeps going outside. Kitties groom themselves, so he could have easily bitten off a tick if it was on him so that we wouldn't notice it. We did have one that needed removal on Dog-Guy.

So I called the vet back, and had a discussion with her, she wanted to do xrays...but I asked to get Minko on a course of antibiotics and see if that would help. She reluctantly agreed. Sheesh, I only want to do what my gut feelings are leading me to do.

Well, he is now on doxycycline for 10 days. Hoping for the best.
Now to solve the issue of him getting all those pests crawling on him...UGH.
(We never treated them for other than heartworms because they stay inside, an dog-guy gets treated so he doesn't have any... )

Pleas purr hard for my little Minko so that he will get better and feel more himself soon. He can be a rascal, but I hate seeing him suffer like this.

I will update when I can.


  1. Sending lots of prayers and good thoughts Minko's way... sure hope he feels better soon...

  2. Sending purrs to ya Minko - hope ya feel better soon!

  3. Wow, lots goin on, fun an not so good!
    Sendin good thoughts to yu there in Mitch Again frum us here in Idunno.

    Minko! Get well soon! Please!

  4. dood....sorree ya iz feelin like de bejezuz N hellz...we hope de medisin werks for ya ...we hope each N everee day yur improvin...we send de manee manee blessings oh st francis yur way....ya gotta start eatin foodz buddy.....even if....N we canna bee leeve we iz gonna say thiz....even if ya gotta eat...burd... ♥♥♥♥ mewoloz ta pipo

  5. Well Dad loves those railroad thingies too so I am glad the pawrents had fun.
    We are a little late with this but we are all purring for Minko.
    We hope it is not the Lyme but no matter what that he feels better soon