Thursday, June 19, 2014

Minko Update

Well, I am stable, but not 100% by any means. Sometimes I nibble at my food, sometimes meowmy has to put it into my mouth. I hate that , but since the food is usually yummy because its my normal wet food, I just accept it. Not sure why I do not consistently eat on my own...but I did just eat about a tablespoon of my food by myself. When meowmy put some more on my plate, I just stared at her, MOL!

I have done some urka-gurka's, but not much...meowmy says my tummy must be feeling yucky from the medicine I have to take.
After I get my pill, 2 times a day, meowmy has to give me water to make sure its down, and she always adds some baby meat from one of those wee jars. Thats pretty good, too...but if I decide not to eat, then meowmy puts it into my mouth...and hence I am a bit stinky...kitty food on my furs, eeuuwww! So I wash myself! Meowmy likes seeing me do that, I wasn't doing much grooming when I was furst not feeling good.

I go pee-pee in the box, and did a stinky-poo, too...MOL! Nothing amiss there!

But mostly meowmy is setting me in the box, she has not seen me get into it by myself. I just don't want to walk around...
I have been spending most of the time hiding, but this afternoon, meowmy put me in one of my kitty beds in the living room, and I stayed there.
This evening, I came out of there to go and beg pawppy fur some scritches and loves. I sat on his lap fur a while, too. Then I went into my 'regular' kitty nest closer to meowmy's confuser desk. All by myself!

So there you have it...not worse, but not a whole lot better either, I guess it will take time. At least as a kitty I have lots of that, MOL!

It sure was noisy here this afternoon and evening, lots of thunderstorms.

Pipo comes by to sniff me now and then, and we exchange a headbonk or two, but we have not romped or zoomed at all.

Dog-guy sniffs me too...sheesh, am I that stinky?

Well, meowmy has to go to work the next two days on second shift...she has made my medicine schedule fit around her work hours.
Pawppy is home in the evenings, so he can give me noms if I need any.

Thanks so much to all of you  fur all the purrs and pawyers. I know they are helping.
All you furends are evfur so pawsome!


  1. Sendin ya lotsa POTP - hope you are feelin all better soon.

  2. Prayin fur yu Minko.
    Please eat an drink to get yur strength back. I know yur furmily wants to see yu back to yur regular self.

    1. Meowmy still has to 'make' me eat up...

      But I don't mind too much...if the medicine isn't in it, MOL!

  3. dood...still even MOR blessings oh St Francis headed yur way...with headbonks two ewe N pipo two...tell yur mom ta chek at petsmart for GNC...mega calories be a ...burd flavored...paste..that iz packed fulla vitaminz & minerals and calories ta keep yur immune system & stuff runnin aye oh kay while ewe bee sick. nutri cal makes a paste two but itz spazzy flavored.....N ya mite be slow on de road ta ree coveree but better slow & steady than bounce bak quik then fall ten steps de other way...♥♥♥♥♥ frum all oh uz.... N heerz two an Antarctic cod kinda week oh end !!

    1. Thanks fur the tip, Tabbies.

      I still won't eat on my own...but I am purring more.

  4. Glad your Mom is posting here. We can't get into catster. Our whole family is purring for you.

  5. We are so glad to hear you are felling better Minko.
    Half of us have sniffles here. We think Einstein brought it home from the stabby place when he went for his man cat Nip N Tuck. Then he gave it to Rumpy who was on steroids for his Asthma so his immune was down. Now our elder Buddy is sneezing up.
    All getting better so wish you all well too
    Timmy and the runny nose crew

    1. Thanks, Timmy!

      Pipo & I sure hope you all are mended and well by now.