Thursday, July 3, 2014

Canada Day


It was Canada's Birthday on July First.
Canada was 'born' on July 1, 1867.
Meowmy grew up in Canada, and when she lived there it was called Dominion Day.

We had some bad storms here on the night of June 30 - July 1. Many trees came down and the lightening was phenomenal. But July one was pleasant and bright! We didn't have any of our trees come down, nor did we loose power like so many did around here. We are glad about that!

Our Canadian flag was flying in the breezes all day long. Meowmy had on a Canada shirt…and there were red strawberries for desert here. In White yoghurt, MOL!

We did not have to get dressed up! (Just 'necklaces'...) Meowmy was out to do errands…pawppy said when he went to put out the flag, he first had to rescue a red hen that was in our yard, blown over the fence in the storm??

Minko seems fine,except he isn't eating a whole lot.
Pipo, well he is eating for both of them.

Now we have to get ready for the next holiday, July Fourth!


  1. Glad ya didn't lose power or anything like dat. Ya two look very cute and Canadian!

    1. Hi, Kitties!
      Some peeps are still 8unpowered8...they should get it back on later today. Just in time fur the holiday.

  2. Axfurly, with that red an white (which makes yu look pawtastic) an then yur blue eyes, yu are ready for the Fourth! Bol!
    Stay safe kitties. Stay inside, no sneakyin out while those balloonies an firewurks are happenin.
    Minko! Please start eatin more!

    1. Hi, Zoe! MOL, indeed!
      We haven't done any sneaking out lately...
      We hope to find a good hidey hole in here tomorrow night. To many Booms!

      Minko says he will try...but this morning he stalked off again. And meowmy has to leave fur her work. Hope he eats some of the 'regular fare' as always available.

  3. doodz...lookin awesum in yur beedz...happee bee lated canada day two yur meowmy...N minko...pleez eggscuse if we haz rited thiz bee fore...we canna rememburr...tell yur mom ta go ta petsmart N get sum GNC mega calorie boost...itz ina tooth paste.....BURD flavored.....ugh...but it helps keep yur calories wear they shuld be N itz filled with vitamins N kewl stuff...they all sew haz it ina can but once de can iz open it kneads ta bee used ya mite knot like de flavorz ?? ♥♥♥♥

    happee week oh end N heerz ta bonito flakes, bass N bloo gill ♥

    1. Hi, Tabbies OTT.
      Thanks! Compliments from you kitties mean it must be so; we are honored!

      We don't have a petsmasrt here, nearest one is over 50 miles away. Meowmy checked the stores we do have and didn't find that brand, we did see some others, though. Minko seems to not be too thrilled with that either...sigh...will just have to keep trying...

  4. You look great you two! Fine outfits for Canada Day!