Saturday, July 5, 2014

July Fourth - Independence Day

 We hope all our furends had a safe and wonderfur Fourth of July Holiday!

 Meowmy & Pawppy went to the airshow, replete with Thunderbirds, Balloons and Fireworks.

Here we are all Red-White&Blue!

 Here are the Thunderbirds.

Here are some of the 50 plus Balloons that were in competition.

This Balloon is called 'Alley Cat'.

This is 'The Hummingbird Balloon'

This Balloon is called 'BlueFish'
 This was sunset, before it got dark enough to have fireworks.
 And here are some of the fireworks.



  1. Yu kitties look purdy chill wearin all the red, white an blue stuff. An yu look good.
    Hey, that alley cat balloonie is fun, huh?
    Hope yu all are ok affer all that stuff wuz happenin in yur skies!

    1. Thanks!

      We are all taking long catnaps...until the next door peeps decided to have another fireworks show...on the fifth.

      Alley Cat comes to Battle Creek each year. Its one of the competition balloons! One year it flew over our den, OMC!!

  2. Y'all look so patriotical!! Awesome pics of da planes and fireworks!


  3. Thanks!

    This was the furst year meowmy was able to get half decent pics of those jets. Finally she figured out the best way to try, but there were a lot of just blue sky pics,too, MOL! (She took a total of 248 images, and at least half of them are 'junk', and a lot of them are total failures...OMC Good thing its not film anymore...)
    The pics of fireworks from your camera were great too!

    Fireworks all around the country! MOL!

  4. You two really have some great outfits.
    And what a pawty was going on at your place with balloons and boomies too!

  5. Hi, Timmy!
    It sure was noisy, and peeps nearby were doing their own fireworks, we could smell the smoke.