Sunday, July 20, 2014

Pipo - Shine on!

 This is Pipo mewing at ya today!

I got a Shine on award from Travis.

For dis award, dere are some rules.

1. Visit and thank da blogger dat nominated ya.
2.  Acknowledge dat blogger on your blog and link back.
3.  Share 7 random facts about yourself.
4.  Nominate up to 15 bloggers for the Shine On award, provide a link to their blog in your post, and notify dem on their blog.

This is where Travis has his blog, along with his furmily members:

(That’s why the rules are in Travis speak…)

Thanks, Travis! I shall try and do a good mewing job here…MOL!

Seven random facts? Hmmm, I didn’t think I was random, but here goes…

ONE)  I was gotten and bought by meowmy…but I fur sure am a pawppy’s boy! Pawppy gives the best belly rubs!

TWO) I hate those heartgard chews that all kitties are supposed to relish, MOL! Meowmy has to break them in pieces and put them in my mouth and make sure I swallow them…sigh…I hate all but my kitty noms!

THREE) I let Minko bully me out of the best sun puddles and nesting spots…but not without a hiss or growl. Meowmy says I am a pushover, but I say I am a pacifist!

FOUR) We have an AGO organ here, and when unfur the elder was practicing on it, I would make the pedals sound by walking on them. I still do it but all that happens now is a clunking sound, MOL!

FIVE)  I like the laser light toy, feathers on a wand, but my fave is a long thick twine on a stick…I will chase that all over! (Meowmy has to hide it when I am not playing with it...Minko & I will chew it up.)

SIX) Catnip is OK, but meowmy has seen kitties that are far more nuts with it than I. I just sniff it and get all stoned…

SEVEN) I am Minko’s protector! I beat up dog-guy, and come running at a moments notice if I hear Minko mewing that dog-guy has gotten too frisky. Then my smacky paw goes like a blur!

Nominate 15 others?? Um…OK, I am a Meezer with a mind of my own, which means I am gonna break rules to suit myself…mostly cause I don’t know nearly that many kitties in blogdom…and most that I do are already nominated…so…YOU are nominated IF YOU are reading this and have not been nominated by any others! MOL! Go fur it!


  1. Maurice doesn't always like his Heartgard chews either. I luv em though, course there's not much I don't luv!

    1. Yeah, Minko loves em so much meowmy has to watch he doesn't steal mine.

  2. Hi Pipo! It's good yu got a turn to meow out.
    That's cool that yu can play that organ! A musical meezer!

    But yu whup on Freckles? That's not nice. Bol!
    Hope yu find a good snooze spot all fur yurself today.

    1. Yes, and I sing meezer songs, too...

      Watch out're a doggy?? MOL! MJF, says BOL; he's gonna get ya!

  3. dood....conga ratz on yur awardz N can ewe beet up dawg dood just coz....sorree jack freckles but thiz IZ pipo's blog... by de way dood yur picture iz ROCKIN !!! ♥

  4. Hi, Tabbies! Thanks!
    MOL! You got it, fur sure!