Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Minko is now eating regular food all by himself now.
One day I, Meowmy was sitting at the confuser, and I heard a distinct crunching sound. Investigating, there was Minko chowing down from the bowl he always ate from in the past. Hooray!

He's up to his usual games of mouse singing, jumping on the table while we are eating, and so on Also he has tried to get through the door to the bedrooms.which is an old game of tries to be sneaky and is furry fast like a greased lightening! MOL! If he does get in, then he tries to get into an inaccessible spot, to lengthen the time it takes to 'evict' him. Silly Naughty Minko!Its good to have him back!
Minko - Thinking up more mischief...
And just now pawppy told me that when he came home from work, there was a little booklet on the floor, and the attached string loop that held it to its original spot on a bottle was in several pieces. Um...only Minko he is such a silly rascal! And a naughty counter surfer!

We had a scary thing happen here last night, our old mill, a 159 year old structure, and rather a landmark was burned down to the ground. OMC:(

Bedford Mill Fire (Wednesday)

Updated link from  Thursday
Thursday's updated info

Meowmy took some pictures of it a few weeks ago. Who knew??

Bedford Mill as seen from the Bedford Park, on Waubascon Creek

All that is left now is a big smokey was so hot pawppy says the road asphalt even melted! Wow. Arson. Why do peeps have to do things like that? Now its gone forever.


  1. Glad ya are eating and feelin better Minko!

    Dat's too bad bout da mill.

  2. So happy Minko is feelin better, ornery like he should be!
    Very sad bout the ol' mill. Grr on whoefur did that.

  3. minko...DOOD !!!! total lee rockin mega sooper kewl waaaaaaay awesum ya iz bak ta eatin, gettin pletee oh foodz, N bee in a part oh de pipo N minko trubull teem YAY !!!!!!! keep up de grate werk.....N meowloz two pipo !!!

  4. Congrats! I has nominated ya for a Liebster Award - ya can see it here: Whether ya play or not, da award are yours!

    1. Oops! We think we missed out here...meowmy was on vacation and away...Pipo just did the Shine on award.

  5. I am so glad Minko is all back to being Minko.
    That really is scary about that fire. Dad worries about that kind of thing
    Thanks fur stopping by my pawty and wishing me happy birthday
    You two are the best
    I tried to visit catster but... It seems it is not doing well
    oh well

    1. Hi Timmy!
      Catster can be furry frustrating indeed...way too many fleas to let us languish there fur long periods, MOL! Hope they fix it soon...but we won't hold our breath.

  6. Congrats! I has nominated ya for da Shine On Award - ya can pick it up here: Whether ya do da post or not, da award are yours!