Sunday, August 31, 2014

Some Kitties That We Have Not Met, MOL!

We want to show you some kitties that meowmy has seen and petted…well, how dare she, MOL!

She says she really doesn’t know what to let us mew about other than the usual boring junk that all kitties do…and she wants to let you know we have not vamoosed or anything…we are still around and well!

Its just that meowmy is bogged down…with too much not kitty stuff. Huh? Too busy? Why…oh well…she still cuddles us and scritches us in the best spots, and makes sure she fills the bowls with noms and fresh water……cleans the litter box. Thanks meowmy, we know its a yucky job, esp when Not-Me steps inside the box and lets it rip, even though the back end is not in the box…OMC, what a mess that makes, and a stinky one too, kitty pee is powerful in the noses of our peeps, MOL!

So we think we’ll furgive her, cause we think no one else around here could do all those things and still be in bogged down mode.

So here are these kitties.

This is Panda, she sees him when she takes the dog-guy for a stroll. He is handsome and sleek, and furry friendly.

Then there are these kittens, she forgot their names, they were newly gotten here when meowmy visited her cousins in Europe.

Our auntie who traveled with meowmy loved them to bits, and she is not a kitty lady, MOL!

Then there was Mitzie, a sweet kitty belonging to another cousin. She had suitors trying to get into her den via the kitty door, MOL! And this kitty was spayed! Now they have an electronic key for her to open a different door.


Meowmy’s auntie adopted these two strays, they were still furry shy when meowmy saw them. They were called Pinky & Perky.


Pinky & Perky

Another cousin had two kitties. An Orangey and a jet black one…meowmy also can’t remember their names, MOL! You got to  know these kitties came into her life when she didn’t even know about things like (Catster) Blogging and suchlike. So she didn’t even write down the details, MOL! She wishes she had…

She knows that the Orangey passed away last year. Sad...he had kidney disease.

These kitties liked to go fishing for their drinks!

This is a kitty belonging to yet another cousin, MOL! Lots of kitty lovers in meowmy's furmily in Europe!
No idea what he was called...

A while ago when meowmy was visiting her sister, the neighbors have this kitty who comes to visit her a lot, even walks into her den, MOL! His name is Mr Kat.


Mr Kat  ~  He is a rescue kitty, and he is blind in the left eye, but it doesn't bother him at all.

So fur now, those are the kitties we’ve heard about but nevfur seen ourselves...

And fur good we are!

We are grooming each other  and ourselves...kitties gotta be spiffy!

And a wee favor to ask: Our Great Auntie who is 94 1/2, fell and broke her wrist. She needs surgery to repair it, and likely will be needing to go into a care facility. Our Auntie (Who you can see here), is helping out fur now along with a cousin and some Home-Care assistance.
A wee bit-o-purring fur her would be appawsiated.



  1. They all look like cool cats! Thanks fur sharin the piccies with us!

    1. You are welcome,Zoe! Did ya bark em?
      Purrhaps your kitties took a peekie, too?!

  2. All those kitties be vewy cute, but me bets mommy still luvs yous best. And weez be purrayin' fur yous gwadn awnty.

    Luv ya'


    1. Thanks, Dezi.

      And naturally we are the best looking, MOL!

  3. Wow, your human sure knows a lot of kitties! I'm sending purrs to your Great Auntie - I hope her wrist heals up!

    1. Hi, Summer! We know she has some other pics from ferals,etc,!
      Thanks fur the purrs!

  4. Sendin your Great Aunt some POTP. Those are some cute cats, but y'all are even better lookin!

    1. Thanks kitties!
      We think we are handsomer, too...of course we would, MOL!

  5. Oh we loved seeing all of those sweet kitty faces and we are sending lots and lots of purrs and purrayers for your 94 year old Auntie on her upcoming surgery and recovery.

    1. Bye the way, those kitten pics were taken in 2008, wonder what they look like now??

  6. Sending healing purrrss and (((hugs))),
    Lots of pretty kitties! Especially the black and white ones. But I am a little prejudiced!

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  8. Great photos, I like the one of the kitty drinking from the fishbowl. We will pray for your Great Aunt. Sorry I deleted my previous comment, I hit publish too soon.

  9. Thanks, and thank mew fur the pawyers.

    They both seemed to use that bowl all the time, MOL!