Friday, September 19, 2014

Pirates We Are...Ahoy and Avast...It's Pirate's Day at Last ~ Yargghh!!

"Ahoy! We are  Meezer-Pirate-Mates! Aarrrgh!"  
"Ahoy! WeBeesPiratesTwo; With a Galleon, too, We'll sail the seas, And raid the shores, Of islands and keyes; Then we'll sail some mores... Ahoy! Avast! We'll have a blast!! Yargh!! Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day!"

"AARRGGHHH! I am Bos-n Minkorossa-Rumpelmeezer.

"AARRGGHHH! I am Bos-n Minkorossa-Rumpelmeezer. Ya'll best be marking yar pawsteps well, around loot is well guarded by my deckhands... Yaarrgghhh! Avast me mateys!"

Yeah! We can yarghh and arghh as much as we want to this day.
Or we can yowl and growl  and otherwise make our pawratey needs known...and order all the swabs around, that dwell in our galleon or visit our deck...but don't try boarding our galleon...else ya might have ta bees a-walking a plank...

"I am Captain Pipofang ~ Pirate-Mastercat    AHOY!! AVAST!! AAARRRGHHH!"

"Captain Pipofang ~ Pirate-Mastercat
I got all my loot stashed and well guarded! AHOY!! AVAST!! AAARRRGHHH!"  

We wonder
what treasure
We'll plunder.
As we sail yonder
High seas and waves
and mermaiden caves.

We make a motley crew...yes we do!

Happy Talk like a Pirate Day!

We have joined up in the Pet Parade.



  1. Ye be outstanding wi' t' piratey talk an pictures mateys!

  2. Well, I'm off to go plunder ye olde fridge.

  3. Oh Wow yous got spawkly tweasures. Yous all look gweat in yous piwate gettups. Hav a pawsum weekend.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

    1. Hi, Dezi & Lexi!

      Thanking you heartily!
      Arrgghhh! Can we still be pawrates today?? MOL!

  4. Oooh, such neat pirate names and photos. You are very good pirates.

    1. Yup.indeedy mateys!

      Oh and hearty thank mews!

  5. You are some of the most adorable pirates the mom says she has ever seen.