Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Remembrance

Today  Nov 10th, we are remembering our angel furbling, Simba. While he was meowmy's second kitty, he was the first  kitten.

He had quite the purrsonality.
 Here is his tail as told by himself:

Well,  I decided it was time fur me to purr some things about me...maybe more to help meowmy keep my memory fresh, MOL!

I was the second kitty in this den, but I was meowmy's furst kitten. OMC! What had she gotten into? MOL!
I was a busy little dude and curious beyond all measure.
I had to get into all boxes/bags that came through the doors, and of course I had to go through all doors too.
I even greeted strangers!
I licked the furs of humans, esp that of meowmy when she had come back from the salon...she thinks I liked the hairspay, MOL! Because usually I only tried to lick/groom pawppy's topcoat of hair, upon which he lavishly sprayed that stuff, to keep it under control...but after I was done with it, well it truly had the tussled appearance...more to my liking.
I didn't mind it when our auntie would come and bring her little cairn terrier, I tried to play with him, though Groucho only hissed...
I loved the attentions given me by the little girl of meowmy's good furends when they visited. There is even a picture of me with her. That young lady is finished college now.

When I came to this furmily called MINE, I was a teeny bit of a kitten, kind of scrawny, but oh so filled with easily given out purrs and bread making paws.
Meowmy noticed that there were fleas all over me. YUCK! Not good at all, dangerous even, fur kittens...so, not having any flea medications at hand, I got a bath with kitten flea shampoo...hmmm...not a good way to tell me they loved me, well, I guess it must have been, else I would have had to stay outside even longer. I came from a litter of kittens that nevfur had been inside. Pawppy said it was a sort of slum area of town, OMC! Though the man who was my furst not-kitty-dad obviously had well socialized all of us, we came right up to this new lady to see who she was...and I decided to crawl into her lap. Done! I stole meowmy's heart and that was that!
The vet man said I was healthy and had no illnesses even though I had been outdoors and exposed to goodness knows what.

Well, when I got in the den there was this big boy kitty in there and he was the hiss king fur sure. But since I was a brave little dude and purrsistant, soon I had Groucho wound around my paws, too.
One day he chirped at me and wanted me to chase him. He sat in the hallway and looked over his shoulder to see if I was listening to his play chirp...and that was how we got to be best buddies.
We shared catventures together for about 7-1/2 years. Sunpuddles, cat nesting pawlaces, watching the birds and bugs and a few small critters outside. Chased and hunted flies together, too. MOL!

I loved to get vacumed and would purr up a storm when that sucky thing went over my fur. I would arch up right into it, and always looked sad when meowmy put it away.

I, Simba was a fun kitty, and my furmily were honored to have been a part of my life. I loved to play fetch, such as with plastic milk jug rings, and little paper balls. (Very economical toys) My obsession was to get outside. I wanted to eat grass. I was a great furbling to the older kitty, Groucho. We curled up together a lot, and held mutual grooming sessions every day. Groucho truly missed me after he passed away, he even as the older cat outlived me by many years...

Since I loved to check out what was behind doors, I always tried to go through them...and I was like a greased lightening bolt. Vroom...and then I would try to hide so that my stay in furbidden territory was extended...
I discovered that at the base of the back-porch stairs there was grass...tender green shoots if you knew where to find them. YUM!
Meowmy told me I wasn't supposed to do that going outside stuff, since now I was an inside kitty, but I just found it irresistible.

One day meowmy left for a few days. When she got back, she also came in with a large basket type object that she placed on the floor in the kitchen so that I and Groucho could check it out. So we were skulking and sniffing around it...when the contents moved and made some soft noises, not unlike another small critter..what?!
It moved??!
I jumped straight up and floofed my furs to an enormous size and ran away...I was spooked! Me who always greeted all, MOL!
Well, meowmy told me that this was my unfurbro, he was here to stay, and that soon he and I would be best buddies, too.

And he was. Meowmy taught him too pet me nicely,and how to pick me up, and how to pawlay with me too. Sometimes when he was crawling over the den floor not unlike another critter, I would give him a head bonk...but then I was often rewarded with a tail pull, OMC...well meowmy was always snoopervising our encounters so she taught unfurbro that wasn't nice...

I was also the cause of a near disaster here when unfur was about 7months old. I was lurking at the top of the stairs because I knew that soon meowmy would open that door and come out...and my plan was to go in...zoom!
Well, meowmy noticed me, even though she was carrying my unfurbro...and she tried to shove me back with her toe...she lost her balance and crash...down she went...she landed facing the way she had come from...still holding onto unfurbro...and he was just fine, but meowmy was not...she had hurt her back against the windowsill which she had crashed into...it knocked the breath out of her...and years later she found out that there was an old fracture there..the docs got all concerned that she had a fracture from osteoporosis, but meowmy told them it was 18 years old and she told them the tail...its seems funny now, but that morning is one she will nefur furget.

Eventually there was another unfurbro here, too.

So one day when unfur the younger was a toddler he opened the back door and quick as a wink I escaped. No one had any idea. That was my plan, you know...
Eventually meowmy was missing me, and she started searching. Sure enough...I was far in the back of the yard, happily munching on wonderfur tasty blades of tender grass...Mmmm...hey! I don't want to go inside!

Months after that I started to eat voraciously. Then I would 'woof my cookies'. Or I would cough and then vomit. Then I would be fine for a while and a few days later it would start again. Since I was quite active we all thought it was because I was playing too hard after eating.

Time passed and one November day while meowmy was on her yearly trek (Vacation to be with her Mom, and her Aunt to catabrate theirs and her own birthdays) with the toddlers. I was here alone with Groucho to keep pawppy company.

I gave pawppy some major head bonks and purrs, then I went to my fave chair and took a nap. Hours later I was still there, pawppy said...and when he wanted to go to bed Groucho was acting furry concerned. Pawppy decided to recheck me in my nap pawlace...and I was no more:(
In my sleep, peacefully I had gone to the RB. It was November 10th.
Now pawppy had to call meowmy who was in Canada on her visit...and she had to tell the unfurs that their beloved Simba was no longer. How do you say those things to a 3 and 5 year old?
It was an awful way to come home...I wasn't there to tell them my stories as I always did...it was so quiet and empty, and Groucho was pacing about yowling and mrouwling his painful feelings.
So pawppy took the unfurs and my preserved body, and they had a little funeral fur me, and they buried me behind the shed...and meowmy painted me a marker.
The vet thought that purrhaps I had gotten heartworm when I had been outdoors that day...all it takes is one infected mosquito bite, and goodness knows there were all kind of those biters back there. I must have had a blockage in my heart. In other words, a heart attack.
At least I didn't have to suffer, as judged by my peacefur look in that final resting pawlace. Meowmy only wished she would have been with me...

Don't worry meowmy, the RB is a wonderfur beautifur pawlace and I am able to munch on grass any time I want to, MOL! And don't furget that soon after I came to be here, I arranged to send you Suki and Toki...how they helped to heal your aching heart, and even Groucho was gratefur to have new playmates to fill that empty void in his life... And later we all got together to arrange fur Pipo & Minko to join the furmily clan.

Thanks meowmy, fur helping me to tell my tail fur all to know me better...

Rory and his helpfur crew sent us this nice picture to mark the occasion:
Thanks, Rory!


  1. It wuz real nice to get to know ya Simba, ya sounds like ya wuz a speshul kitty.

    I like to eat plants, pretty sure I'd like grass but I haven't gotten to try any.

    1. Yup, I ate plants, too...meowmy had to get rid of them all, MOL!
      Grass is yummy!

  2. Simba sounds like he was such a sweetheart and a very special cat. I bet your human still misses him, the way my human still misses the cat that came before Sparkle.

    1. It was so furry sad fur meowmy when he went to the R.B. so young. And unexpectedly. We often talk about him in our furmily, as we do of all our angels, it is good to reminisce.

      It would have been a lot easier to bear if meowmy had been blogging (or a Catster member, but that was years before.).

  3. Crikey ..... What a special kitty Simba was and what a lovely remembrance story. Simba will NEVER be forgotten, aye??

    1. He was, Charlie, he would have liked you too, given time.
      Its good to have these memories, forever, they won't be taken away or lost.

  4. Simba wuz quite the kitty!
    Thanks fur meowin in from the RB. It's good to get to know yu.

    1. I, Simba, was happy to share them...and meowmy was kind enough to type them fur all of our pals! MOL!
      Imagine if there had been digital camera back then...OMC!

  5. dood...we troo lee loved see in yur storee two day; N bee leeve it ore knot de food gurl can still rememburr when yur mom did a storee at de catster place bout groucho....what say we all head over ta benz bass & bloo gill N drink ta how awesum R peepulz iz....then we can all go get sum grazz.....do good stuff ♥♥♥♥

    dude & sauce ~~~ ♥♥♥

    1. Thank mew!
      Yup, meowmy remembers taking that di-cat-tion too!

      Yes, lets mosey over to the RB pub...they gots the bestest grass there...