Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Lest We Forget

Today is Remembrance Day.
Yes, we live in the USA, where its called Veteran's Day. We thank all of our veterans who have so willingly and selflessly served so that we can be a free nation.

Meowmy is Canadian, and she still and will always think of November 11th as Remembrance Day. Poppy Day.
So many have given their blood as the payment for freedom. In the past and even now.

No matter where we live, freedom is costly, we should not at all take it for granted; ever.

When meowmy was a schoolgirl she had to learn this famous poem:

(Click the image to better see the words.)
So, let us say a heartfelt thank you to veterans any time we meet them, not just on days like today, no matter where they came from. Freedom cost lives, here and abroad.
You know, meowmy has worked with the elderly and a lot of them were veterans, in fact she worked in a hospital's long term care unit dedicated to those who served. She remembers many faces from that time. Even now in her current job with the elderly, there are veterans.

Take a moment at 11am to think on these things.
Thank you.


  1. We call it Remembrance day here in Australia too. Mum also learnt that poem at school. We remembered today!!

  2. We thank all the veterans for their service an sacrifice.

    1. Every day, we need to think of them with much gratitude.

  3. We remember and thank all those who gave their lives so we could be free!

  4. Pawsum posty.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  5. It is sad that so many lives have been and are being lost over the price of freedom. We are very thankful to have our freedom and to those who have and are fighting for it.

    We think it is very cool that your mommy works with the elderly. Our mom was going to do that before hers gotted sick and couldn't work anymores. The elderly have so much wisdom, says our mom. :)

    Carmine and Milita

  6. Thank mew.

    Meowmy can't think of another job she would rather do. Every day there is someone who responds with a smile, or opened eyes of recognition, or an interesting conversation, even among all the busy doings, there is always time to have these interactions as she does her work. She gets so annoyed at some of the less caring workers who chat over their charges, or who do not do much socializing with these people, some of whom are furry lonely. We are their surrogate families now in a lot of cases.
    The work may be slugging and mundane, but it is nefur boring! ( as one new employee told meowmy...OMC! She was gone in a few weeks, good riddance!)

  7. We raise a paw to salute your meowmy for enjoying working with and helping those veterans. So many of them are, as you said, so very lonely.

    1. Thank mew.
      Its sounds silly, but when meowmy is on days off, she might look at her watch and think...oh this or that is happening at work right now. She must live and breathe her work. Others say to her when she tells them that, that she must be insane because when they are not at work, they don't give it a second thought. Huh? If you had family and they were not with you, do you forget about them too? Sheesh. Others say they wish she was there 24/7...but no, then meowmy would get all burned out, MOL!