Friday, December 26, 2014

Merry Christmas!

MIAOW to all our pals!

Merry Christmas!!

Or we should mew, we hope you had a wonderful Christmas, because its already Dec 26th here, MOL!
Meowmy is always so late...So now it is Boxing Day! Well, it is if you are Canadian, or live in British heritaged countries.

We were supposed to have a white one, and we thought we might, it was snowing late Wednesday night, but today there was only a dusting.
At least it was better than all that rain we had past few days.

Unfurbro the elder and unfurbro the younger are home, yippee! More laps to sleep on...but no wires to chew...they know to hide them...

We got some yummy treats and a couple of new nip kicker toys. The nip was so fun Minko kicked his to death and then stalked off, MOL! Pipo didn't seem to interested...he just wants a good belly rub, MOL!

Minko took 3 bites of some food all by himself today...hooray! And no upchucking today, Phew!

We also got lots of snail mail cards from furends! As well as E mail cards! Way more than the peeps here, MOL!
Thanks so much!

Today we wore red, white and green collars, sort of festive with little jewels and bells  on them, as befits a good kitty, but while Minko wore his fur a long time, only chewing off one bell...which meowmy put away...Pipo sulked until his handsome red velvet one was removed...sigh...

Well, we are sleeping now, to be ready for what the next days shall bring to do...

And once again:
Merry Christmas!
Happy Boxing Day!
Happy New Year!
May your 2015 be fun filled and well blessed.




  1. Merry Christmas! Glad to hear Minko ate some on his own. And no upchuckin is always good, speshully on Christmas!

  2. I hope Minko continues to improve - I am purring lots for him!

  3. Merry affer Christmas!
    Yu'd think they would have sum wires fur yu to chew!

    1. Wires, did anyfur mention wires?? MOL!

      Merry days to you too...soon we will be into the next holiday...and 2015!

  4. Sadly, we didn't see this til today but are thrilled that it appears that you had a wonderful Christmas! xoxo

  5. Yay, Minko!! Keep up with the eating, okay?

    We hope you had a very lovely Christmas. It sounds like you got some cool new toys :)

  6. It sounds like your Christmas was very merry!

  7. Crikey ..... you all got a GREAT christmas pressie, aye?? NO UPCHUCKING!!!!!!!!! That had to be the BEST Christmas pressie EVER!!!
    Sounds like a good day was had by all!!

    1. We enjoyed the no-upchucking day immensely!

      Then there was yesterday and this morning...sigh...

  8. Hope you all had a wonderful and joyous Christmas