Saturday, April 11, 2015

Pipo's Liebster Award From Travis @ Lone Star Cats ~ WBS Also Has An Award To Mew About

Pipo's Liebster Award From Travis @ Lone Star Cats, was surely making him wait a long time to hear back from me...sorry 'bout know how the catretaries can be sometimes...
Thanks so much, Travis @ Lone Star Cats for this fun award, I am honored!

Ok,  Travis said this award has got some rules: OMC!! Pipo has to follow the rules??
1.  Acknowledge and accept da Liebster Award by leavin' a comment on da blog where ya wuz nominated.
I did this already way back...MOL!

2.  Copy and paste da Liebster Award logo onto yer own blog.

3.  Link back to da blogger(s) who awarded ya.

4.  Answer 11 questchuns posed to ya by da person who nominated ya.
5.  List 11 random facts bout yourself.
6.  Nominate and link 3-11 other blogs ya enjoy.
7.  List 11 questchuns for yer Liebster Award nominees on yer blog.
8.  Inform yer nominees by leavin' a comment on der blog.
I better get my kitty-self to work...assisted by my catretary of course...

And here are the questions from Travis:

1.  What are yer favoritest toy?  Nip stuffies, crunchie balls, da bird on da wand, balls, track toys??

A crinkly ball, and the laser wand. And fishing-rod toys intrigue me!

2.  Does ya evfur gets peep food?  How does ya goes about gettin it?  I are always lookin for new strategeries.

I don’t get peeps food, cause mostly I am too finicky to want any…

3.  How does ya feel bout pupses?

Don’t get me started…Hisses and smacky paws…does that let you know?? MOL!

4.  Who are yer famous cat role model?  Garfield, Bucky Katt, Grumpy Cat, well, who are it?

Probably Grumpy Cat! I even sort of resemble her:)

5.  Are ya a finicky eater or a gobbler?

Meowmy would say finicky, but I say I am choosy! But maybe a sort of gobbler, cause else how would I be this portly? OMC!

6.  What are da most embarassin thing ya has evfur done?

I fell off the love seat when I was upside down, begging pawppy fur a belly rub…sheesh…how was I supposed to know I was at the edge..I was looking at pawppy! But wait, I meant to do that, right?? (At least meowmy didn’t have her camera and it was afur she let us be known to the social world fur kitties (Caster and Blogville).

7.  Has ya ever eaten a weird non-food item?  Whut wuz it?

A feather, a teeny one…

8.  How do ya deal wif da pawpurrazzi??

I close my eyes or hide my visage…or I just stay in hiding! The best hiding spots are in dim areas...tee-hee!

9.  Does ya keep your secrematary company while dey duz your typin for ya?

Yup! I beg her to stop what she is doing cause I need to play laser…

10.  How do ya feel bout water?  Duz ya like it, hate it, or wanna play in it?

Water?? Hey, I am not a fish, OK?? But I do use my paw to get my drinks out of the water bowl. Then I leave nice wet spots on the carpet.

11.  Who are your BFF?

It would have to be my brofur Minko…and then Pawppy!

Laptime with Pawwpy
Random Facts about me,  Pipo:

I was gotted with no name from a regular kind of home/den in which there were several litters…meowmy says it smelled like cats in there, but it didn’t look dirty…(Minko has a way different story…he was a kind of rescue).
I was named Pipo (Pronounced: Peepoh) after a kitty , a meezer like me…that one of my great aunts had in the Netherlands. He had ‘catitude'  and my ‘Oma’ did not like him, MOL! (He always had to sit in her suitcase when she visited…typical!) I did not get to sit in Oma’s suitcase because she wasn’t able to come here anymore due to her poor health. But she did get to see all of my now angel furblings!

My birthday is the same as my Grandmeowmy  (Pawppy’s Mom)!I am three days older than Minko!
We are almost twins from different kittymoms!

I am cross eyed...

I can climb the barrier (to keep dog-guy out of the living room, it is supposed to be a dog free zone if no peeps are there), but I do not climb it so much anymore…um…I…um…nevfurmind!  

The nevfurmind is that I have become rather portly, much to meowmy’s chagrin. So now I am on  low glycemic kitty noms, its even grain free. I do like it, the problem is that the wee bowl I get it in is furry small and the bottom shows up quickly. Esp when that naughty dog-guy figured out how to open the gate into pawppy’s office and then he would just inhale it befur I had a chance to even get a taste…bad dog-guy!
Meowmy had to find another spot to put my bowl…and then she had to teach me where to find it…you betcha I learned quickly!!

Don’t tell another furs, but even though I am way bigger and healthier than Minko, I let him boss me around…I defur to him for the prime sun puddles and nesting spots…
Right after this, I, Pipo had to leave...but I did give a hiss furst! MOL!

I hate dog-guy…I smacky paw him sometimes and fur no good reason; the only infraction he did was to go past me, even though he paid me no attentions…I will go up to him at random and sniff him, then I mrouw at him…just a reminder about who really is the boss around here, MOL!
Having me a sniff of that stinky dog-guy...and if he would dare to sniff me back he will get whatfur!

I despise kitty treats, and even more so the heartworm chews we get each month. Meowmy has to break those up and ‘pill’ me with them…and if she isn’t careful I will let Minko have them, MOL! Oops.

I am not particularly a lap kitty. I like to be near my peeps and snoopervise the goings on…mostly any lap time is with pawppy, he is spawsial!!
Laptime and a belly rub = kitty bliss!

I love me a belly rub! I roll over and beg fur them, especially so if I see pawppy nearby.

I lead the way for pawppy, and miaow loudly to get his attention; the best time is at night, when he roams from the front to back of the den getting ready to go to bed…Just befur he goes up the stairs, he gives belly rubs and sweet talks in my ears. Does he kiss me?? I think maybe those nose rubs are! It is our nightly ritual.

I am not allowed in the bedrooms here, sigh…no furs are allowed up there, not us and not those who went befur me. Meowmy says something about allergies and not wanting to jeopardize her having any kitties. You see she IS allergic to kitties, but meezers don’t bother her too much fur some reason…so while we might enjoy a nesting in a cozy soft bed,  we are not deprived kitties so I don't grumble…I leave that to Minko, he will miaow at the door and often sneaks up there, OMC! So that is why pawppy sometimes calls us depraved, hey, that isn’t nice pawppy!

I beg meowmy all day long by pawing at her to get out the laser toy!! Its my fave thing to play with, after the hanging stringy thing (An old fishing pole toy, just out of reach...)that is on the end of the barricade.
Keeping an eye on that elusive laser

OK, That takes care of the first 5 rules...
Shall I nominate other kitties? I am supposed to but since I am so late and have seen many other kitties with this award, I shall let you, my readers decide if you wish to pawticipawte...just follow the rules as above and if you nominate others be sure and ask some questions so they can have some real kitty fun, too.
So, I broke rule #6, MOL!
And I have no new questions to add, other than to mew, just use Travis's questions, they are purrty good ones indeed!
Well, now, I broke rule #7
And I can't really do rule #8, cause I didn't do rule #6, MOL! MIAOW!!
Well, those are all of my mews and views about this Liebster Award...
Now We both got another award from:

This is the award we gotted:

Thanks so much Basil! We nevfur expected to get this, and feel honored so much to think we actually inspired you!!  OMC!
As part of the deal, we have to list three things that have inspired us this week... only three! MOL
Ok, here we go:
                                                                                                                                                                    1)  We have been inspired by the return of the green expanse known as grass after the record deep snow blanket that was on top of it for we can watch and drool ofvur the critters that swarm ovfur it. We chatter at them and Pipo drools and makes the window all messy, MOL!
Blue skies, sun puddles and green grass...oh and dirty, drooled ovfur windows...we are feeling the inspirations of Spring!

2)  We are inspired by all of our wonderfur fellow bloggers, its so much fun to be able to visit with all of you, and to be visited by you as well in our blog; its like knowing you in purrson. Maybe sometime we or at least the catretary can see you fur herself! Dreams are fun, right?? MOL!
3)  We know its not all fun, such as when kitties need purrs or have to go and live in the Realm of Angels, but we are here together as a furmily to all be of support to one another in thoughts or more. We too have experienced it ourselves since our Minko is not in the best of health of late.
This too is furry inspiring.
We are adding another inspiration:
4)  We are inspired by the lovely warm sun puddles we get to bask in, esp after a dull dreary rainy day like earlier this week. Today we are watching the wind whip things around our yard but there is *sun*!! Hooray! 

Hey, Where did *he* come from??


Well, again we are supposed to award other bloggers who we find inspiring...but you know we don't have any to inspire us anymore than ALL of you!
And like Basil said this award has already been given out to many we will just hold off with that rule...yikes us meezers are good at breaking the rules or making up our own, MOL!!
 If you feel pawticularly inspired feel free to capture the badge and post it in your own blog and add a little write up about why/who inspires you in the land of Blogville.



  1. After reading your comment, we think you should post some of your human's oopsies. :)

    1. MOL! LIke when she made about 20 meat and cheese trays come crashing down just after her sister had spent hours making them for customers at Christmas time??

      Or when she tripped ovfur a wire in a residents room at her job, and careened the length of that room then still crashed down upon her knees, and the 2 water cups in her hands remained intact and OMC, did the ladies in there giggle for hours...nobody asked if her knees hurt...but her pride sure did!

      Or when she slid off a chair she was using as a ladder to get something out of the hard to reach top shelf in the linen closet...

      Or when she tripped ovfur nothing and sat down hard on a gym floor...maybe you knew about that one already, MOL!

      And once she fell up some stairs and ended up fainting against the locker row at her highschool...

      Or when she sent an applicaton for a gym membership and was on her sister's facebook page and not her own, Oops. The gym trainer had sisters name on the list of applicants, MOL! She lives 325 miles from here, OMC!

      And the time in a new church, she fell down the balcony steps taking some other peeps on an extra fast the domino effect.

      once she put oil in the radiator tank of her car, wow!! That was fun.

      She also got that same car stuck on a small embankment so that its wheels/axles were both not on any ground...had to get the AAA to winch her out of that mess...the best part was that this was in our own backyard. Oopsie!

      Once time at her job, she jabbed an 18guage needle into her least it was sterile:)

      Years and eons ago, you could still purchase meowmy had a package, and she thought it would be interesting to see what a loud bang they might make if they all went off at the same time...she doesn't remember the bang, but they did all fly up onto her body off of the big trashcan lid they were on...its a wonder she wasn't burned!

      Oh, and when unfur the elder was a baby, she tripped ofvur Simba and fell down 6 steps, landing the way she had come, whilst still holding unfur the elder in her arms.He was squawking, but unscathed, meowmy was unable to get her breath...and mny years later she found out that there was a healed fracture of one of her vertebrae. OMC:( At least it must have been a stable fracture.

      One winter she was showing off to a girlfriend how her parents new puppy pranced about...and she came down sideways on her ankle. Crack. She knew it was bad...yup a broken bone in her foot, missed a lot of work ofvur that one.

      Another time she thought she was staying out of the sun while she painted her eavestroughs...and when she got done, there were blisters all over the backs of jer knees...and she could not sit, wear long pants for days. She missed more work ovfur that one too.

      So now you know some of the lesser known secrets of our own klutzy meowmy!!
      We think her middle name should maybe be Oopsie...and you know she has no middle name on her birth certificate so...why not!?!

    2. And that meal tray she dropped...well it was going back to be washed, and she had to pull open 2 doors to get to the kitchen, and that tray came unbalanced and well, mops were needed.
      Which rememinds here, when she was about 10, her aunt had her at an outdoor cafe at some museum and she somehow dropped the plates she was cleaning up...and they smashed to bits on the flagstone patio.

      Oh, and when she was getting a nursery ready fur unfur the elder, somehow a lamp was dropped in the crib, and of course the bulb was turned into least there was still no bedding in there:)

      Did you evfur drop a casserole full of chili! Meowmy hasn't but pawppy did that once...sheesh! You do not want to come here either unless your life insurance is up to date!!

  2. Concatulations on your awards - it was so cool learning more about you!

  3. I get called depraved too - and nutso for crawlin under da bed and meowin at my momma in my different meows, MOL!

    And I'm wif ya on da belly rubs, I luvs em.

    1. Pipo thinks bellies were made just fur the rubs they get!!

  4. Those are both VERY NICE awardies! We loved all the answers...