Thursday, June 4, 2015

Cat Hugging Day

Well, it was supposed to be called Hug Your Cat Day, but we don't have any of those, MOL!!
Meowmy always holds the flashy(not)box, and pawppy , well, we nevfur think to ask him! Teehee...maybe sometime we will...

Anyways we do have a picture of us hugging each other!

Its from years ago, taken on Feb 1, 2008. Wow, Long befur meowmy did anything with us kitties online, MOL! Pipo is on the 'bottom, Minko is fast asleep...

Have  huggingly great day!!


Meowmy was finally able to access the Tanya CRF website. Wow, there is a ton of great and furry helpfur info there.
So now Minko is getting Pepcid, B12 and fish oil, and slippery elm, as well as the prescription steroids.
He still will not eat on his own, but he throws up a bit less often, and seems more content, and hides less...all good signs:)
Now to get him to eat by himself...

Thanks fur all the purrs and pawyers and fur those who gave helpfur info about food, meds and Tanya's Website.


  1. How cute. And we're sending a giant virtual hug from all of us. :)

  2. so glad that Minko is showing improvement. (((hugs)))

  3. Dat's Paawsum. There's also a eatin' website yous might wanna check out. Good Luck.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  4. I'm glad that Minko is improved, but I still wish he would eat on his own!

  5. Tanya's website is the best and so full of information. I will keep praying for Minko.

  6. doodz....onlee hugs round heer we like iz de perch we hug on R plates....

    N minko....dood.....purrhaps when ya kinda like re think in yur mindz eye that itz OH KAY ta eat on yur own & ya wont get sick if ya'lll be way better...

    plus two... may bee ya want ta eat away frum at a diffrunt time ore ina diffrunt room.....

    pipo ...noe o fence dood...

    but boomer & dai$y willna eat round each other any mor....been like that goin on since like 5 months now ....???


    1. They have separate eating spots...always have, go figure.

      We just wish Minko would even just try....

  7. Crikey Growlmy ....... you sure got a good shot there, aye?? How beautiful is that photo. Almost makes me wanna join 'em and you know how me and cats get on ....... NOT!!!
    I'm glad Minko is feeling a bit better.

    1. And Minko would at least try to love on you...he is just that way!

  8. What a great shot! Mes LOVEs it!and mes so glad that Minko feels better!

  9. Hugging each other...we love it!
    Happy Hug Your Cat Day :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  10. Aw, you two are so cute! We hope Minko starts eating more. Tanya's site is very helpful!

    1. Thanks!

      We hope so too, that site is filled with loads of helpfur info.

  11. You guys always have the sweetest photos. Happy Hug Your Cat Day! And we are glad to hear that Minko is improving - we are sending tons of purrs and prayers his way!

  12. I prefur huggin Crockett to huggin my momma.

    Sendin Minko purrs.

  13. HUGS! So sweet!

    We're so glad the RF site has helpful info on it for you! {{{{Purrs}}}}

    1. Thanks! It was read for hours afur meowmy saw what time it was, MOL!!