Saturday, October 3, 2015

Oct Two Is An Impawrtant Day

And our meowmy was too busy to help us mew anything to you about it...oh well, we'll do it toady, MOL!

Yesterday our Unfurbro-the-elder got to be a quarter century of age, wow that makes being 25 sound really ancient. MOL! We didn't get to see him though, but meowmy says so far he doesn't look a day older...the pawrents went out to greet him and fete him with purrsents and wine and a dinner, too. They had a yummy meal together, but no kitty/doggy bag came home with them to share the plunder or yumminess...

And believe it or not, meowmy and pawppy didn't even take any pictures of the birthday boy, let alone the noms. Sheesh.

And it was also an impawrtant day in other ways.

Befur Unfurbro-the-elder was born our peeps had Groucho. His birthday was Oct 2!! So Unfurbro-the-elder sure picked a good day to arrive! MOL!!

Manytoes from Catster sent him a birthday card that she helped her catretary to make:

After our Angel Simba left the earth to be an angel, (Angel Groucho had a brofur who though much younger sadly preceeded him to the RB at the age of seven.), meowmy was looking to get another meezer to be a furend fur the now lonely Groucho. She discovered Suki. And drove herself into the wilds of our county (getting lost, it was befur the days of GPS, MOL!), to Gotcha her...and the lady said her birthday was Oct 2!! Imagine that!
So of course this little Suki had to come to our furmily too!
She sadly left to join Simba at the RB when she was 11. She had a seizure disorder, kidney issues and other troubles due to getting older.
But we had a happier day of remembering her along with Groucho yesterday...

Manytoes also commissioned her catretary to make her a card:

Thanks Manytoes!

See you all hopefully on Selfie Sunday! (Meowmy is working this weekend...)


  1. Happy birthday to your unfurbro and happy birthday at the Bridge to Suki and Groucho!

  2. You are right, Oct 2 is a BIG day at your place :)
    We send happy wishes to your unfurbro and to Groucho and Suki
    at the Bridge.
    Still, it would have been nice of your folks to bring some treats home :/
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  3. Lots of Meowdays/birffdays goin' on in y'all's house yesfurday. hapyy wishes to them all.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  4. You sure had some pretty kitty predecessors!! And happy birthday to yer unfurbro, too!

  5. Happy birthdays to your Unfurbro and also to Suki and Groucho!

  6. Happy Birthday to your human brother. We hope his day was purrfect!

  7. Happy Birthday to your unfur brother. Suki and Groucho were both gorgeous kitties, I am sure your Mommy misses them a lot. XO

  8. Happy Happy Birthday to the human brother!!!! Mom's birthday is in Oct also and she has a HUGE one coming up!

  9. You all had a lot to celebrate! :) Your friend makes some really lovely cards, too. We hope you are all doing well.

  10. "we'll do it toady"? Well, we are glad ya "hopped" to it, MOL! Sorry, we just couldnt resist...

    1. MOL! We didn't realize we had made that cute typo!!

  11. Happy belated birfday to your human brofur!