Sunday, November 1, 2015

Flashback Selfies

Meowmy is working this weekend...and soon she will be packing her bags to go and visit her sister and her Aunt fur a few days, (Her Aunt hopes to be 96!) with all the chores and preparations surrounding her work hours, she said we could post selfies if we searched the large drawers full of our many archives...OMC!
A Daunting task.
Wait, wasn't Oct 31 Meowloween??
Hey, we seem to remember some pics she tried to capture of us in costumes, least no longer does she do that to us...OK, that settles it, we shall hunt fur selfies from Days of yore when we were younger and maybe too unwise to let her get us dressed up, MOL!!

Minko 2010
Pipo 2010

We are hopping along with the Cat On mt Head, the Host of The Sunday Selfies Blog Hop
Meowmy has' hunted' herself, too...she found a vet, long established in our area, who she actually has met the now grown up children of when our unfurbros were still in grade school, taking swimming lessons! And they raised farm animals for 4H and won ribbons...but we think that is not what this blog post is about, meowmy...
(Unfurbro the younger was informed by his boss that he had to go to Chicago the same time that meowmy will be gone...shucks.)
Anypaws, this vet office also has a pet boarding place, for many years. The vet techs help to run it as well as the vet's family. They were willing, sight unseen to take both of us and even to hand feed Minko the way meowmy does, with a tiny spoon...and give him his meds, too.
There were two other discovered boarding places, but one was not too thrilled about feeding she put an x through that contact. The third one had some strange rules about pick up and delivery of pets...and even though it was fairly close, well meowmy put an x through that one too, MOL! The one we will visit for our staycation is the furthest away, go figure...about 45 minutes drive.

Dog-guy will stay at home to keep pawppy company. (The only reason Pipo will go too is to keep Minko company.)

A few days ago, both of us went to see the new vet. We were deemed healthy, at least I, Pipo was, and Minko seems to be doing OK, though of course the feeding issues continue. A whole year now...sigh...
He gained a few ounces, so meowmy knows she is doing well with her feeding technique and schedule. Vet wrote a letter fur meowmy to copy and give to the boarding vet, so that they will not be too taken aback at his 'spawsial needs', MOL!

Of course we got the usual routine and indignities of poking and prodding, etc...and then the stabbies, OUCH! Oh well, no more of those fur a while! Our teeth are OK too.
Pipo has lost about a pound ovfur the past year, meowmy was happy about that cause she has him on a grain free low gycemic noms. And she tries to get him to exercise when its playtime:)

This office places towels sprayed with feliway over the pet carriers or even the pets themselves if they are 'in arms'. So we did feel quite calm during all of this.
When we got home, and meowmy opened the carriers, Minko hissed mightily at Pipo, and even whapped him. Later he chased and attacked him, OMC;(  This went on for two days, wow. Then somehow the aggressiveness went away and now they are  back to being nest buddies. This worries meowmy because if we are housed together in a strange environment, will Minko go all aggressive to Pipo again? Meowmy thinks this is some kind of displaced aggression to relieve stress that Minko was feeling??

Meowmy says that although this weekend has been duck weather, cold, dank and drizzly, and windy as well; she is happy it wasn't that white stuff or ice.
And those poor children going door to door for the trick or treating. We think it was just fine fur us to be here at home,warm and cozy and safe.

Since meowmy is going away, we may not be able to visit you much...not sure if there will be selfies either next week...*maybe* late ones again, MOL!!


  1. I hope things go well when your human is away. Post-vet visit aggression happens sometimes... I hope it does not happen while you are being boarded!

  2. You two being well cared for is PARAMOUNT!! It is important so I bet Mum is very VERY glad she found someone She can trust. We hpe Mum enjoys her trip and that you are both safe for her return.

  3. We love your orange wreaths and thanks for posting them. we too enjoy hissing, snarling and chasing when we're in a bad mood to let off steam. So may be normal. BTW congrats on the weight loss. I, Peaches have been trying to lose weight ... appreciate any advice. Have a good trip!

  4. We love your Halloween selfies. We hope all goes well for you at the new boarding place. Wally always hisses and whaps me when I come home from the vet. Now every time I go, he has to go too. ~Ernie

  5. We will purr that all will go well for everyone while your Mommie goes away on a special trip. Your photos from 2010 are adorable!
    Happy Selfies!
    Annabelle, Boo, Ping, Jinx

  6. Love your throwback selfies! Will keep paws and fingers crossed that things will go OK when Meowmie is gone and you are being boarded.

  7. Mom Paula takes both of us to the vet together now because we get so stressed with the vet smells when one of us goes.

  8. Very cute selfies :) I am impressed you were so early with them today. I hope your Mom has a great time and I will be praying you are both OK while being boarded. XO

  9. We like your flashback selfies :)
    Purrs that with you two being boarded together,
    there will be no issues with whapping.
    Hope your Mom has a good time.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  10. We love your Halloween selfies - such a cute feather boa you two are sporting :) Hope all goes well with the boarding and that your mom had a good trip visiting her family!

  11. We think they will be fine, the vet peoples will know what to do with distressed cats! Me and Nellie has been having hissy fits since we got to Mommy's house and we have been living together my whole life!
    PS you guys look cute in your Howl-ween costumes!

  12. We hope Meowmy has a nice visit with her family. We look forward to hearing from her when she gets back!

  13. Sowry y'all had to visit da VET dat's never any fun. Tell yous mommy not to worry too much, sis Lexi is always mean to me when we come home fwum da VET. It's pawrtly displaced aggwession, but mostly we don't smell wight anymore. After a few days we roll wound and play and get our old furmiliar scent back and all da meanness goes away.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  14. WOW, you has lots of stuff going on right now with your human leaving, new vet, etc. Don't you just hate changes? I always like everything to just stay the same. Hope eveyrhting works out okay for you on your staycation.

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  16. Beautiful selfies those costumes don't look too bad to wear I hope! Love Dolly

  17. Hope the boarding goes well for y'all.

  18. when de momz a catz will play...PARTEE at pipo & minko's place... HOORAY ~~~~~ we will bring a cargo load oh fresh perch pizza !!!! sorree guys bout de hole trip two de place oh eeeeeeeeeeevil tho happee ya getted sum kleen billz oh health....♥♥♥♥ N we like ta hizz each other when we come bak frum THAT place two ~~~~

    1. oopz....we forgetted ta say we will "spring ewe frum de boardin place on ***********************


  19. Granny thinks, they have to let off steam, when they come home from the vet and find someone who is to blame. I use Grandpaw for that ;) Extra Pawkisses for the long time no see and you two stay good, okay :) <3

  20. Those are great Halloween selfies. Hope all goes well for your boarding.

  21. You both look so festive in our Meyowl-o-ween finery. We hope Meowmy isn't going to be away too long. It's hard for kitties to have to stay away from home. So happy that you both had good vet visits. We appreciate your hopping this week and hope we will see you next Sunday. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  22. we love your boas! So the mom says that if the hissies start again, sprinkle baby powder on efurryone's butt and rub it in. Really. This has proven to have worked countless times with countless kitties. It may just be because although Minko didn't smell hisself, he smelled a introoder Pipo.

  23. You two look wonderful in your selfies!

    Our Mom thinks your mom is probably right about Minko - he was displacing his aggression from the stress of the vet trip. Maybe your mom can get you some Feliway spray for the boarding place to spray all over your blankets when you are there? That might help you both stay calm while she is away. We know it will be hard on you all. Our mom had to take Jewel to a boarding place for a night once, and they were really nice to her and gave her her meds and everything. We are glad that you found a good place to stay while your mom is away. Please tell your mom to travel safe, okay?

    Carmine, Milita, and Mom Sierra