Sunday, November 29, 2015

Ibex Selfies Joining the Donkey, MOL!

Meowmy thinks these are Ibex. Taken in 2008, near Zevenbergen, The Netherlands
These critters were quite curious of the flashy box meowmy was holding in her hand, and came right up to check it out and to have their selfie(s) taken:)) Meowmy loves their expressions!

Now here we are...

I stretched and stretched and then I got that little button clicked...and then I went back to sleep...

I am under the dining room table, about to take some shut eye in the sun puddles, but stopped fur a moment to oblige you with this selfie...

We had to take a trip in those little cages on Black Friday. Meowmy didn't go and do the crowd dodging stuff...but she did take us to the stabby place again, presumably fur some booster stab in the backside...sheesh, what a way to finish a holiday catabration:(
When we got there, I, Minko had tinkled in that little box, Pipo mewed that it was a good thing we each had our own. The kind folk there cleaned out the carrier, bagged the wet towel and then took me to get my pantaloons washed off...sheesh...
Pipo was so not impressed that he tried to no avail to get back into the PTU...but wasn't allowed until the stabbing was completed, MOL!

On the way home we furgot to protest with singing meezer carols, though we did do our variations of all of them on our way there:)) Meowmy said real o-purr-a is nicer, well, what nerve!

Minko had his ears checked on account of that they were red on the inner  side, and some crusting was going on. Meowmy can feel the heat too. And she asked about his runny doo-doos. So now vet lady said to up the prednisolone again for a few more weeks...sigh...and she added Tylan. Appawrently that helps with runny stools, maybe it will help with the ears too, though she was not sure what that trouble was. He doesn't scratch them or rub his head on things... Meowmy hopes he isn't allergic to anything. Vet lady suggested another diet some product meowmy has heard of before..and its full of corn and other thank you! Not corn, that is fur burds.

She did speak of some other kind of prescription noms, but it only comes in dry form, so that will not work, Minko vomits each time he even samples Pipo's kibbles...
So the saga continues...

Well, off to bed fur all of us! MIAOW!

We are showing our Ibex selfie to The Cat On My Head's Donkey!


  1. Great selfies... sorry about havin' to go to da stabby place.... sendin' Minko POTP and hopin' he feels better soon...

  2. Hope Minko starts feelin better soon!

  3. Those are some interesting animals. We're purring for Minko and hope he is feeling better.

  4. Great selfies. I am shocked the vet wanted to push a food with corn in it when cats aren't supposed to have corn. Your Mommy is smart to know not to get that. I hope the med changes help. Peeing in the carrier is better than pooping- trust me on this one :)

  5. The triple Ibex selfie is cute, but yours are much better. Hope Minko feel better soon. Sending Extra Healing Pawkisses his way :) <3

  6. Poor babies! It sounds as if you all had a very rough Friday. I hope that you're feeling all better now. ♥ Those Ibex are strange looking creatures that we've never seen before. ☺

  7. wow never a dull moment! Hope everyone is on the road to recovery soon. Cody had to go to the Vet too for a lump I had found on his back. The vet is fairly certain it was from him scratching, (he just started another allergy flare-up and is on Pred too)........he said to watch it and make sure it heals and if it doesn't to bring him back in.
    Thankfully Cody doesn't "sing" in the car at all!

  8. Sending purrs for Minko. Those Ibex were very obliging for their selfie.

  9. Those are some great pictures Minko and Pipo. I hope Minko starts to feel better quickly.

  10. Our vet is getting in more wheat free food and we are pleased, we got some NZ made fish based 100% natural food and it smells gorgeous. I hope the problems get sorted out and things clear in the ears.

    Miranda and Harvey

  11. Sorry y'all had to go to da bad place and at da holidays no less. Weez sendin' purrayers dat sumfin' works or yous mommy can figger sumfin' out. Have y'all fawt 'bout raw at all? Weez fixin' to twy it again mommy sez. Now dat meez eatin' da freeze dried raw she got high hopes. MOL We shall see.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  12. Oh! Oh Icky Poo!
    Too funny! Jo Jo tinkled in the PTU too, but we think that's because it was a 7 hour drive she had from Daddy's to here at Mommy's, even though she was only in the PTU the last 2 and a half hours.
    Nellie (at Mommy's Blog)

  13. We've never seen ibex before. They almost look like something from the Muppet Lab! Glad to hear you survived your trip to the vet!

  14. Those Ibex are super cool. We love getting the opportunity to meet so many different critters. You both look absolutely meowvolous in your selfies this week. We are so super sorry about the stabby place and that Minko continues to have health issues. We will continue to keep him in our purrs and prayers. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  15. We are sorry you had to go to the Stabby Place. That place is never any fun! We hope Minko's ears heal up nicely and that the runny poos stop soon!!

    Diet is a hard thing here, too. We are constantly going back to the drawing board. We hope you find something Minko can eat that is also good for him.

  16. we is sorry you were loaded into the PTU's and taken to the ebil v-e-t. And that you gotted stabbed. Does you both eat grain free foods? Angel, one of Grammie's kitties, barfed every time he was eating anything for a while and the mom gotted Grammie to switch to grain free foods, and to use fortiflora for his runny stools, and he is much better now.

  17. Well, that wasn't a good Black Friday at all, was it? Totally unfair and we're sorry you had to go. Purring for ears and um, poops, to get better. And those goat things - boy, they must be used to taking selfies!

  18. Not the best of sagas, is it? Minko, we hope you find a solution really soon.

  19. You two Meezers are as handsome as ever! What great selfies fur sure. Oh that tricky Mom sneaking you off to Dr Stabby. No fun. Our brofur Buddy Budd went on the same day due to losing weight and is now taking a thyroid pill.
    We send purrs and prayers to Minko and you Pipo.
    Timmy, Dad and Furmily

  20. PS we love the Ibex too! They really look interested in Mom