Thursday, November 12, 2015

Sunday Selfies at the Last Minute, Phew!! MOL!

Meowmy took us to 'jail', though she called it a vacation spot fur kitties. OMC!
The kind ladies there said we were good kitties and she released us back to our meowmy but only after meowmy left a bunch of green papers there as bail...

You would think that we would appawsiate being home, and that after being fed by a strange hand...that eating here would be normal. Nope...Minko only was smelling his noms...and meowy still has to feed him. No miracles there.
We didn't hiss and fight each other when we got home. Meowmy sprayed Feliway all over evfurrything here, MOL!
Then we slept and curled up together. After that we had to check the whole den ovfur to make sure it was all in proper order. MOL!

Meowmy had to abandon us to a jailer so that she could go and visit her sister and Aunt. Her Aunt celebrated her 96th birthday, Wow!

Also we discovered a package on meowmy;s desk. It smelled vaguely furmiliar and it also smelled good...catnip good that is, Both of us started to bite the package so meowmy helped us open it. Wow! Our own mail from 15 Cats and Meowing!
There was a cute Snoopy catnip mat, and some crocheted items, too. A pumpkin, a fish and a drumstick!

Well, we are furry late this week getting our selfies in, but we will furgive meowmy...
She is going to be furry busy with lots of chores and her job in the next several days, so we might still not be able to visit too much...sigh...but we love and think a lot of all of you!
Thanks Miss Ellen!

Thank You, Miss Ellen

We look a teeny bit yellow here on account of the late afternoon sunshine here...makes for golden images...

Here is Meowmy and her Aunt:

Meowmy and her Aunt
Arendina W.  ~   Nov 7, 2015

Happy 96th Birthday, Tante Arendina!
We are in hopping mode with The Cat On My Head


  1. Happy birthday to your aunt! And how awesome that you kitties came home to such awesome toys!

  2. Happy Birthday to your lovely Aunt. She looks great and so does your Mom.
    You kitties are looking good too, Enjoy those pawsome toys!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  3. Glad y'all got bailed out and awe back home now. And weez glad yous mommy got too go to such a pawsum event. 96 ain't nuffin' to sneeze at dat's fur sure. Luv yoous fotos and concats on yous goodies. Awnty Ellen makes gweat made wiff luv toys and mats. Have a good week.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  4. We glad you're all home again safe and sound. Happy birthday Auntie!

  5. I am sorry you had to go to jail when you are such good kitties. I bet your Mom felt very bad about that- use it to your advantage to get lots of sympathy. Thanks for showing your prizes. I am glad you like them and Mr. Jack Freckles has his own so he won't steal yours :)XO

  6. Happy birthday to your mom's auntie. She. Is looking good for her age. Love your selfies.

  7. doodz...glad ya haz been busted out oh de slammer....we noe ya iz BUZZED happee ta bee home.......yur selfeez thiz week rock de houz az doez yur toys ya getted frum phoebe & crew...N speekin oh rockin...yur mom's aunt total lee rocks...her does knot EVEN look 96...happee bee lated birthday two kewl iz thiz !!! ♥♥♥

  8. Those toys look pawsome!

    By da way, I don't remember if y'all knew Platelicker back on Catster or not - but he had to make his way to da Rainbow Bridge. Just wanted to let ya know in case ya wuz pals wif him,

  9. We have regular Felliway here. But it doesn't have much command of us when the foods come out.

  10. Wow, what fun toys you got! And Happy Birthday to your mom's aunt!

  11. We are glad to see you made it out of jail! :) It sounds like your human had a good time visiting and her aunt definitely doesn't look 96!! She looks quite happy in her photo :)

  12. Happy Birthday to yer Momma's aunt and to yer Momma, too!! Wowser, yer Momma's aunt looks wunderful fur 96... heck, she looks wunderful fur lots younger dan dat!