Sunday, February 21, 2016

Nearly Blown Away...Powerless Sunday Selfies

Friday night was wild around here, there were wind gusts over 50 miles per hour...and some areas had even stronger winds. It was howling around here all day long, and in the evening it got even worse. Our trash bin blew over,and that thing is not small, either. Meowmy nearly got clunked on her car by a stray board from a sign...yikes.
Some of the yard things are not where they are supposed to do either, MOL!Our yard is bestrewn with twigs, branches and other messy things. The roofing material once again came off the neighbors lean to car-port. We have a tree snag (dead tree), that is leaning heavily towards the shed, and it needs to be removed...unfur the younger will be home for spring break next week so he is going to deal with that we hope...and no he won't be allowed out of that work cause the wind did not take it down for him, MOL! Thankfurly, else we would no longer have a shed...well pawppy wouldn't, MOL!

All of a sudden the power failed. Shucks. The map showed that we were right in the center of that particular outage, and our state was spotted with them like large polka dots.  OMC:(
And further;
the same map said that no crew had yet been assigned to fix it, and the power was going to be off until Sunday evening. OMC. But at least its not freezing. The temp was in the 50's, both yesterday and today.
Then the internet conked out too. So now we were out of touch with all of our furends.
Well, we *do*have a generator, so we had power in our own little world right away, it comes on all by itself when needed and it serves the whole house. Hooray. So our den was like a beacon in our village...wowee was it evfur dark outside. We could detect pinpoints of light on the highway behind our property. They still had power, it was interesting to see how that was like a border to the powered and unpowered residences, MOL!
And pawppy enabled his smat phone to connect to the internet...and voila! We could reach out to all our furneds once again. Thanks pawppy, we are not in the dark and we can still have kitty fun times:)

Well, Saturday morning when the big light came on (sun) the crews did too, and they must have found our trouble spot easily cause our power - the  real deal  -  was fixed and resumed at about 10am. We were powerless for about 14 hours. But thanks so much power fixing crews, you did great work and we thank you with all our hearts! We hope no more trees came down taking the wires with know last summer and fall, there were tree crews out around here, taking down dangerous limbs,and trimming trees around power lines...must not have taken down the right ones, cause we still had tons of outages...our county  was the worst hit in our state, OMC!
We do not think our neighbors liked the dark too much, cause they got into their cars and drove off into the dark, piercing through the darkness with the headlights on their vehicles. we have some 'taken in the darkest evening of our winter thus far' selfies to share with you.

It is good to snuggle on these wild wind whipping; tree crashing; trash bin keel-overs;   powerless dark nights!
Meowmy says she loves how Minko is 'holding' Pipo's paw in the furst picture,so sweet and comforting...

Minko tried a closeup selfie in the dim lamplight:

Pipo got his purrty good the first time:)


We are purring really hard fur our good furend, Buddy Budd, from Tomcat Commentary by Tim.
POTP and get well, Buddy Budd!


We are hopping along with The Cat On My head who is the host for the Sunday Selfies Blog Hop!


  1. What a wild night for you! You were fortunate to have a generator. When I was a kid and the power went out, I loved it. We lit candles and it was spooky and beautiful and romantic.

  2. I love your selfies- you are such cute snuggly kitties. I am sorry it was so windy. I am glad your Meowmy didn't get injured by the flying board. Generators are the best inventions ever- we love ours, it is nice to still have water when the power is out.

  3. WE are glad you survived the howling winds!
    Good that you stayed warm too.
    We love your snuggle pics and selfies.
    You two look so good!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  4. Wow! You really got slammed! We had some wind blasts yesterday, but just a few. No damage. Sometimes the big storms get pooped out by the time they reach us here in Rochester. Right now we have gray skies and no wind and a whole lot of nothing going on. We bet it was pretty scary for you kitties and MJF with all that loud wind and stuff flying around! Hopefully the worst is over. We've been looking into getting a generator, but the last time the power went out for a long time was the big ice storm of 1991!

  5. We're glad you got your power back. It was really really windy kinda made us a little crazy...but we were lucky and didn't lose our power.

  6. THAT was a very scary story. WE had wild wind gusts recently too, and our county was struck with power outages too but we didn't lose ours, AMAZING, we are usually the first! Glad you are all OK!

  7. You boys are always so sweet. And those are sum gweat selfies. You both very handsum. We's so glad y'all were okay and not hurt by da storm. Dat's really cool dat yous have a generator.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  8. Great selfies y'all!

    Dose high winds can be scary - glad y'all had a generator!

  9. I am glad you got your power back sooner than expected. Your selfies are lovely.

  10. Glad you made it safely through that rough night.

  11. Whut cute selfies... luv ya holdin' each uther's paws... glad ya gots a generator so's ya could stay warm and not be in da dark!

  12. We had some wild windy days this week too. We're so glad you got your power back!

  13. I am pretty amazed that after all that wind and chaos and power out that you guys still took time for selfies! That was quite impressive.

  14. These are lovely pictures! It's so nice to have light again!!

  15. OMC that must have been scary...we had it a few times too in the other house and we didn't liked it at all, Pipo and Minko. But look how your darkest Selfies have become...absolutely cutiness :D Pawkisses for a Happy Powerful Day :) <3

  16. doodz....we had feerce windz heer nayborz loozed sum yard decor to cod onlee noez wear...thoz nayborz they getted it will prob a blee be like .....thanx...but...... uh......

    yue selfeez rock, glad ya getted powerz back coz itz gonna bee brisk again thiz week !!! ♥♥♥

  17. You take great selfies!! It sounds like you had an eventful weekend. We are glad that you have a backup generator for times like these.
    How are you two eating and feeling these days?

  18. Hi there Pipo and Minko you two really had the windy adventure. Glad it is over and all it almost back to normal.
    We sure do appreciate the purrs for Buddy Budd. You are some great friends fur-sure!
    Timmy and Family

  19. I'm so glad you're okay! That sounds like a wonder of a windstorm. And how brave of you to stay out in the open! Popoki would have hit the dirt at the first scary sound, I'm sure.

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

  20. thank goodness you are all ok and I have to tell you, the darkness brought you great luck, these selfies are pawesome!!!!!!! catchatwithcarenandcody