Monday, March 7, 2016

Extra Spawsial Selfie Sunday

That's right furs, its extra spawsial!

We were privileged to win the Morris Giveaway, that Dezi and Lexi had. So while we had to wait fur pawppy to be able to go back to his office...where the big box was mailed to since we do not get mail at our den...when it came, we were so happy.
We knew it was fur us, cause meowmy put it on the floor...and it was a Minko magnet fur sure, MOL!
Hooray, A BOX!

I wonder what's in this box?

Ooohhh! Paper...crinkly paper!

Aha! There's something!

I am going to sit here and guard it.

We got a big case of Nine Lives Pate. With Morris all over the box! Meowmy says she will let us donate that to the shelter here, because neither one of us can eat that kind of noms, being as there are ingredients in there we do not tolerate, esp Minko with all of his issues. Which are relatively quiet right now, though meowmy still has to hand feed him. We found an organic noms, grain free and so good...and pate meowmy got a few...and um...well, Minko would not even let meowmy feed him with it. He spat out more than she could put in...Pipo tried it, and he seemed to like it a bit more, but he left most of it in the dish, too...sigh...
We were enjoying the cushioned box lining before we emptied it!

What? We have to move out of here?

There was a chirping birdie in the box, too...that got our attention, but we think it is too loud in its chirping...Dog-guy was the only one truly curious about it.MOL! We have given it a few cursory swats, though. Maybe meowmy will put some of our potent catnip inside of it, that may spark our interest more:)
The box had these it it under all that paper.

Pipo surveying the new loot!

And then:
There it was! A big lounger/scratcher! Minko got right on it and knew exactly what to do with it! He scratched it one way, turned around and used the other side...then he spread himself out on it and lounged, MOL!! Smart kitty, that Minko!

Scratching this way...

And that...

This is a good throne, too!

And a nice lounging recliner!

Pipo purr-furs to keep a safe distance, MOL!

Thanks Dezi & Lexi!

Pipo just didn't want to come out and try the scratcher...

But he did try to survey it from afar, MOL!

He was willing to guard the chirpy bird...

From that silly nosey dog-guy!

While Minko took a nap on the lounger.

Finally I got brave enough to check out that lounger...

But there was that big nosey dog-guy better watch out dog-guy...I have a good whapper all ready to use...

Thanks so much. Dezi and Lexi for having this giveaway!

And then...

It was Dr Suess Day last week, so I had to show you the hat and things we won...

Bookmarks, a Cat in the hat out of card-stock, and a crocheted hat for the Cat in the Hat...

Why do I keep finding this hat on *my* head, since it belongs to the Cat in the Hat?


We also took part in another giveaway.  Phoebe ovfur at 15&Meowing had a Dr Seuss Giveaway. We didn't win the 'grand prize' but we did win some bookmarks and a big Cat in the Hat, made out of card stock.
Pawsome! When we got the package Phoebe had also added a bonus: A crocheted hat for Cat in the Hat! Wow, we were surprised...but less than thrilled when meowmy tried to make us wear it to model it, MOL!! Even dog-guy had to endure it upon his noble head, OMC!!
Thanks Phoebe!

I wonder if I can hide in this hat? Wait...I smell another kitty??

I purr-fur this way of modeling headgear...

This way is OK, too, MOL!

What a tall hat!

I wonder who I am smelling?

Sigh...meowmy insisted that I model it...

Might as well take a nap...
Pipo seems as thrilled as Minko:)

Is that a stink eye?

Almost another identical stink eye...

Minko: My Seuss Selfie.
Pipo's Seuss Selfie.

In other mews, Pawppy is doing furry well, we were so thankfur to have all the purrs and pawyers:)

Can you spare some for some other peeps?
Meowmy has some cousins in The Netherlands, and the granddaughter of one of them, about 5 years old is in an induced coma after suffering a severe lung infection with a collapsed lung, too.

An Aunt there who is 87, has very bad kidneys, cancer, and many other health issues. She was in the hospital for all of that and there she fell and broke her hip, OMC:(

And meowmy's sister has a friend whose teen-aged daughter is gravely ill with a very severe form of ulcerative colitis. She cannot eat anything (she may not...and is on feeding by intravenous -TPN); and needs surgery, but can't have it right now cause she is too sick, She has been in the hospital for months. So sad. Not fun for a girl of her age.

So much sickness all around. Purrs and pawyers furry much appawsiated for these dear ones.

Dog-guy had to model that hat too...

Well, now!! If only my face had been out of the shadow...

We hope you liked our spawsial selfies this week!

Minko was all about the

Lounging in the box that the lounger came in, MOL!
I am surrounded by this fun paper...its so crinkly sounding!

I am getting sleepy...
Hiding so no-one knows where I

We are hopping along with The Cat On my Head, who is the host for this Sunday Selfies Blog Hop


  1. Y'all shure look like ya enjoyed da box! Sending purrs to all those who need em.

    1. That box was 'da Bomb'!

      Thanks fur those purrs!

  2. Sendin' prayers and purrs...

    Great photos!

    Whut is it wiff kitties and boxes?? All da kitties 'round here luv da boxes, too!

    1. Thanks fur those prayers & purrs!
      It seems tobe some kind of instinct in that kitties have built least most of them.

  3. Wow, what an awesome scratcher! And how nice of you to donate the food. Sending purr to those who need them!

  4. Love all the photos and especially that Cat in the Hat prop! Sending positive thoughts for all your family members and friends that are ill.

  5. I will pray for all in need of prayers. Congratulations on all your winnings- your Mom should buy a lottery ticket. Those were great prizes from Dezi and Lexi and how sweet of you to donate the noms. All 3 of you look amazing in that hat- I am so impressed at your modeling skills. Thanks for writing about it. XO

    1. Thanks muchly! Meowmy has nevfur bought a lottery ticket...Hmmm.....

  6. doodz....whoa....itz like Christmas in joolie onlee way earl lee ur than joolie at yur palce...conga ratz on winnin de way awesum packagez frum dezi & lexi & phoebe & crew.......N ya doodz r rockin yur seuss hatz !!!

    we R sorree to lurn bout meowmy's familee & friendz & we send all de veree veree best & manee purrayerz az well ♥♥♥

  7. Wow! That's a great prize you won. And a box and paper too! You guys look cute in the Cat in the Hat hat. :)

    1. Minko sits on the lounger a lot, and stakes his claim to the crinkly paper box evfurry day!

  8. Wow! What a good, busy day in your house! I hope Minko didn't get thrown out with that box!

    1. Nope, the box is still here, and even dog-guy decided to give it a try, MOL! Sometimes he must think he is a kitty, too:)

  9. Crikey ....... What a great prize and it came in a BOX!! You two sure scored, aye?? Oh ...... and THAT hat does look much better on you two than it did on Mr JF Sir.

    1. Yup, we sure did score, well, except that we had to wear that hat least it didn't have to stay on our noggins all day!

  10. What great photos! Sorry we are so late in coming by. Our Mom is hard to keep track of and we need her paws to type out for us! Sending mega purrs and concats on all of those wonderful boxes of great stuff!

    1. Thanks so much!
      We know too well about the late thing here, too...sigh...

  11. I'll purr for those friends of yours. That is a lot of illness to deal with! And I'm glad you won such an awesome prize. It looks like you're really enjoying it!

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

    1. Thanks fur those purrs!

      We enjoy those things each day:)...well except the hat thing, that is now in the cupboard till next time, MOL!

  12. Aaaaaaaaw we are so happy y'all be happy. Glad you got everythin' and you like it. Y'all look adowable fur sure. We's sendin' lots of purrayers.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

    1. Thanks fur those purrs!

      And thanks again fur that giveaway you had...we are loving our prize so much!

  13. ConCAT ulations on the prize. That is one stunning lounger isn't it!!!

  14. Excellent post! Yous guys gotted some wonderful gifts! Concatulations! And wes is happy to reads your Pawppy is doing better. Wes LIVES to hears that!
    Kisses to Mr Jack Freckles too!

    1. Hi, Nellie! Thanks so much!
      We are happy about pawppy, too.

  15. That krinkly paper is a GREAT prezzie! An so are all the other stuffs...

  16. Congratulations on all your winning, Pipo and Minko. I guess you were very lucky with all those purrizes, but on the other hand, there is a lot happening in your family too, that isn't lovely at all :( We're glad to hear your pawppy is doing fine though. That must be such a relief :) Unpacking the box must have been so much fun. We cats certainly know what to do with a box :D Healing Pawkisses for your family over here and Double Pawkisses to all of you :) <3 <3 <3

    1. Thanks fur those well wishes & purrs!
      If meowmy cannot find us...just get out a diffurent like a charm!