Monday, April 18, 2016

Springtime Haiku Selfie Sunday

Daffodil Selfie!

Its Selfie Sunday!
And a Haiku Day at that!
Meezer Spring Selfies!

The sun very bright;
Delightfully warm breezes;
A lovely spring day!

So, there's our Haiku(s)
From WeBeesSiameezers;
Pipo and Minko.

Did you notice that spring has come in full bloom?All of a sudden spring just exploded here:)
What a difference a week makes, OMC!

Here is our Weeping Cherry tree today:

Whereas last week it looked like this:
April 9th

Last week our mini daffies looked like this:
April 9th

Now they look all bright like this:
April 16th

These Mini daffodils came from a discarded Easter 2015 pot, salvaged by meowmy when she was at her work.

And here we are too, our selfies of course!

Here are some more springtime pictures from here:
April 9th

April 16th

Any fur know what these and the ones below are?? We sure do not, MOL!

Not sure...same as above...


This is a sure sign of spring, MOL!

A large grape hyacinth

 In other mews, our little cousin, the granddaughter of meowmy's cousin is back in the hospital once again...she just cannot seem to throw off that infection in her lungs.

The other young girl  has had her surgery at long last and seems to be doing really well thus far:)

Meowmy's Aunt has started her treatments to try to preserve her remaining vision.

Meowmy herself went to see her oncologist for the yearly recheck...and all was deemed well...hooray!
Praise God for this blessing of continued good health and not having any evidence of her cancer troubles being there anymore. That was the road trip she mentioned the last blog entry of Sunday selfies...its about 20 mile round she made a day of it, shopping at an outlet mall a reward, MOL!!
She only bought one small item fur herself, and then she bought several more things to use as gifts at a shower she went to a few days ago...five young ladies from her church are getting married this spring and summer, and all the church ladies put on a shower party for them:) It was a lot of fun!

Then she had to work all day Saturday and Sunday...its a wonder she got to take any pictures of the blossoming, blooming spring!

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  1. Paws up for spring... and good human vet reports... and everything!

  2. What a difference a week can make! These are the best Sunday Selfies, so much colour and warmth. Fabulous! purrs ERin

  3. I love your selfies and that spring is springing it wonderfur! Purrs Meezers

    1. Spring is always so furry pretty and such a blessing after the long cold winters we have to endure.

  4. doodz....we iz sorree ta heer bout yur familee memburrz but iz BUZZED HAPPEE for meowmy !!! HOORAY & YAY !!!! let her chex up all wayz bee az grate :) N yea, spring kinda over nite ...sprang heer two !! ♥♥♥

  5. Beautiful selfies! And isn't it great what a few nice days can do?? All of nature is popping!

    1. Thanks! And it sure is wonderfur to see the springtime blossoming!

  6. not at our house! MOL!! Beautiful photos though!! catchatwithcarenandcody

    1. Surely by now?? We sure hope so:)

      And thank mew!

  7. We's sendin' purrayers.

    Luv ya'


  8. Great selfies and beautiful photos ( especially the ones without snow).

  9. We just notice the change of colours too, Pipo and MInko. The pictures are Stunning! and so are your Selfies :) Pawkisses for a Happy Week :) <3

  10. We LOVE daffoldils they say SPRING to us!