Friday, April 1, 2016

The Latest And Greatest Techie Toy For Cats!! OMC!!

Meowmy found some furtastic things we need to put on our wish list...Santa paws will make us and any of you furry happy:)

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                                                                PAWPAD YOGA 9

                                                            ITS THE CAT'S MEOW!!
Have a purring pet? Inside Lenovo, felines originated our latest systems — desktops and Yogas.

In an unprecedented effort to make our products available for everyone, Lenovo now offers a laptop for those who do nothing — cats. Are you curious? Take a look at the PawPad Yoga 9 — the first of many products designed specifically for cats. And it's available only from Lenovo, because other companies haven't even scratched the surface.

Early Morning Catastrophes Averted

Cats wake up long before alarm clocks do; prevent your feline companion from yowling at you by giving her complete access to her PawPad Yoga 9. She can logon herself using our pawprint scanner, and with the appropriate training, start an entertaining app with the swipe of a paw on the multitouch screen. She can listen to small animal sounds, watch an animated red dot move chaotically across the screen, or tune into a cat-themed news station for updates on the latest bird migration patterns. And it’s all protected with anti-dogware.

Breakfast and Bath are no Threat

During your cat’s training stage, while he’s learning how to logon and start apps, you might want to give him further incentive by leaving the Yoga 9 next to his food and water bowls. That’s okay – the backlit keyboard is crumb-proof, water-proof, and, in case your cat wants to clean himself, dander-proof!

Explore Without Fear

Cats love to explore, and they love to watch over their kingdom from a high perch. Before you leave home for the day, you can leave the Yoga 9 on your cat’s favorite vantage point, where even a fall won’t harm it. We all know cats love to push things off of counters, etc., which is why the Yoga 9 has extra carbon fiber reinforcement, built to withstand falls from up to nine feet. And, an internal gyroscope will detect falls in mid-air and make any necessary adjustments to ensure your PC lands on its feet – just like your cat does!

Multimode Naps

Lenovo's patented collarband hinge makes it easy for your cat to flip the cover into any of this laptop's four modes – Laptop, Tablet, Tent, or Stand. In Laptop Mode, she can curl up on the Yoga 9's special preheated keys, which lull her to sleep. But if she's knocked it to the floor, she might not feel comfortable taking her next nap on it – unless she pushes it into Tent Mode, which gives her an extra sense of security from predators while she’s asleep.

From Naptime to App Time

By mid-afternoon, your cat is awake and ready to play. He can open one of many apps designed to provide him with fun and exercise. If he’s tired of chasing his own tail around your home, he can play Tale of a Tail, where the Yoga 9’s webcam takes a picture of his tail, then drops it into multiple pre-programmed exotic locales, where he can chase it onscreen. Or he can play Fishing Joy, previously released on our Yoga Home products. Then there’s Cat Up and Dance, for some cat aerobics that will really make the fur fly! And in case you’re worried about his claws on the screen, our patented Jaguar Glass is the most scratch-resistant display available. It’s also anti-glare, so your cat won’t get distracted by screen reflections on the ceiling. But if you’re still not convinced, he doesn’t have to use Yoga 9’s multitouch features – instead, train him to use the Scratchpad, a version of Touchpad made especially for paws. Not to mention, the Trackpoint designed with the scratchy feel of a cat’s tongue.

Purring up for the Night

After another nap or two, your cat is probably ready to communicate – just when you’re trying to wind down and get some sleep of your own. She can use Yoga 9 to communicate with her feline friends in other locations, keeping her from bothering you. Whether she prefers Snapcat or Instant Meowsaging, your cat will love using the hi-res videocamera and dual-array meowcrophone to chat with other cats. All you have to do is make sure those cats’ people have their own Yoga 9 and accompanying software. Or, if she prefers a quiet night of self-grooming, the videocamera can help her with that, too. All she has to do is strike a pose in front of the cat’s eye lens, which then shows her every piece of fur that’s out of place.
Yuppers, kitties, technological advances have gone a long way and now this device needs to be in evfurry kitty's paws, under their pawpads that is...

And if you missed the above link, here it is again:  PAWPAD YOGA 9
In case you were interested but not sure, there even are lots of accessories, all catified of course...
There is a mouse:
Real. Squeaky. Tough. And the perfect companion accessory to expand the PawPad experience. This thin and light dual-mode travel mouse can be conveniently stowed in a toy box or bag while you are on the go.
A Protective sleeve:
This scented sleeve is designed to perfectly fit your PawPad laptop, protecting it from scratches and hairballs, and is infused with a pleasing catnip odor. Its color can easily be reversed from brown tabby to black shorthair, so it's like getting two sleeves for the price of one!
There is  a PawPad Scratchpost Mount:
The PawPad Yoga 9 Mount is the perfect accessory to raise the bar for playtime (not to mention extend the life of your furniture).
And Ta-da! The Box itself!
Want to give your cat its favorite toy ever? Once you've unpacked your PawPad Yoga 9, simply throw the box on the floor! Cats can't resist climbing right in.

  • We sure hope you might beg your pawrents to find you this wonderfur gadget, Just think of no more boring days when your peeps are gone, or at night when they ignore you under the pretense of sleeping...

    GOTCHA!! MOL! Bwahahahahahahaha!!!!!

                                       HAPPY APRIL FOOL'S DAY!!!!!


  1. Bing wants to know if it is edible - otherwise she has no use for it! Funny April Fool!

  2. Wow! Do they have one for doggies? We would put interactive squeaky toys on it, and squirrels running around that we could actually catch, tennis balls bouncing, and maybe even a smell-o-vision app!

  3. You got me :) I was a little suspicious when I saw it could be used as a tent for napping.

    1. MOL! But if its fur kitties, then we can use them howevfur we want/need, right??!

  4. Ha good one!! You TOTALLY got me! Sooooooooooooooooooo clever!!! catchatwithcarenandcody

    1. Meowmy was giggling loudly all the while she was perusing that article:)

  5. MOL! That was a great April Fools' joke!

  6. april foolz joke EVER.....we waz sew reddy ta hit de... submit yur order button & had de food servizz gurlz charge card all reddy....

    {ya gotta add mit...that "mouz" iz total lee awesum !! ♥♥♥ }

    1. MOL! It truly was a great & compelling joke!
      We want to eat that mouse...or jump in the box:)

  7. Oh my mouses! I NEED ONE. Purrs, Seville.

    1. Dream on!! You know dreaming is free, right? MOL!!
      We wanted to tell pawppy he had t get right on it so we each could have one, OMC!!